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Kendall And Kylie Jenner Want 'Crazy' Reality Show

Kylie Jenner InMe Kris Jenner Disneyland

Kendall and Kylie Jenner want their own reality TV show to feature all of the ''crazy stuff'' they do.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' stars want to feature in their own spin-off because they have so much fun working together.

Kendall told Seventeen magazine, ''We go on a lot of adventures! We do crazy stuff. We will kidnap one of our friends or get a group together and go to Disneyland for the night. We do what we want to do. We're just like, 'Let's make it happen!'

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Pharrell Williams: Conor Maynard The Future Of Pop

Pharrell Williams Beyonce Knowles Britney Spears InMe Jay Z Lil Wayne Ludacris Madonna N.E.R.D Ol Dirty Bastard

CM_UIN*E*R*D_5774ccdfea0685774ccdfea0e7 told Conor Maynard he is going to ''change the future of pop music.''

The 'Can't Say No' singer was honoured to work N*E*R*D producer Pharrell on his debut album, and couldn't believe how much he was behind him.

He told the Liverpool Daily Post newspaper: ''When he first called, he was trying to sign me.

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Katy Perry Believes She Has A Split Personality

Katy Perry Example InMe Madonna

Katy Perry feels she has a split personality.

The 'Firework' hitmaker admits her outrageous outfit choices reflect her moods at the time and says that is why her creations are sometimes bizarre because she feels a mixture of emotions.

She explained: ''My sense of style is like one of those things that change colour with mood, always evolving.

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Eli Roth To Direct Horror The Green Inferno

Eli Roth InMe Jemma Palmer The Script Cannes Film Festival

Eli Roth will direct horror-thriller 'The Green Inferno'.

The 'Hostel' actor-and-filmmaker is ''very excited'' about returning to directing with the movie, which he has written The Script for along with Guillermo Amoedo, based on his own original story.

He said: ''I've had an amazing few years producing, writing and acting, and am very excited to get back in the director's chair. I've been working on this idea for several years, and was inspired by filming in Chile and cannot wait to get back.''

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Chloe Sevigny Hates Fashion Shows

Chloe Sevigny InMe The Front

Chloe Sevigny hates going to fashion shows.

The 'Gummo' actress doesn't like to attend high fashion events because she is not comfortable being around people she deems to be ''popular kids.''

She told BBC Radio Four: ''I don't enjoy going to fashion shows. It's very high school, it's very 'the most popular kids in The Front row', and everybody's checking everybody else out, and you have to do all this press and get your picture taken. It's not fun for me - it's work.''

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Meryl Streep's 'Sleazy Blouse' Helped Win Out Of Africa Part

Meryl Streep Blouse InMe Robert Redford Sydney Pollack

Meryl Streep believes a ''sleazy Blouse'' and push-up bra helped gain her the lead female part in 'Out of Africa'.

The Oscar-winning actress starred as a wealthy, unmarried woman in the 1985 movie alongside legendary director Sydney Pollack - who died of cancer in 2008 - and Robert Redford, and she admits the helmer initially thought she was too young and not ''sexy enough'' to play the part.

She said: ''I was too young for the part. Sydney agreed to see me, but he didn't want to. So I went to this sleazy store near my house in the country and I bought a little sleazy blouse and wore a push-up bra. Sydney didn't think I would be sexy enough for this part. But I went in and auditioned and he gave me the part.

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Lily And Phil Collins' Fame Swap

Lily Collins Elton John Genesis InMe Phil Collins

Lily Collins is amazed her famous father Phil is now known for being her dad.

The 23-year-old 'Mirror Mirror' star was once simply known for being the daughter of the Genesis front man, and admits they both find it strange to see how the tables have turned.

She explained: ''Someone told me they were listening to the radio and they were playing classic hits. At the end the DJ came on and said, 'For all of you who don't know, that was Phil Collins -- Lily Collins' dad'.

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Mike Skinner Urges Damon Albarn To Quit

Damon Albarn Blur Gorillaz InMe James Bond Noel Gallagher Take That The Good The Bad and the Queen The Guardian The Sopranos

Mike Skinner thinks Damon Albarn should stop making records.

The musician ended his The Streets project last year and has urged the 43-year-old Blur singer - who is also in Gorillaz and The Good The Bad and the Queen, as well as helming his Dr. Dee opera - to do the same, as he doesn't have the grace of his former Britpop rival Noel Gallagher.

When asked if he has any regrets about finishing The Streets, Mike said: ''Noel Gallagher has always just stood there and sung a song, and I think you can Take That right through to middle age. He's so graceful, isn't he?

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Catherine Zeta-jones Loves Knitting

Catherine Zeta Jones InMe Madonna Mask Of Zorro Michael Douglas Tim Vincent

Catherine Zeta-Jones relaxes by knitting.

The 'Mask Of Zorro' actress shocked 'Access Hollywood' reporter Tim Vincent when he visited her husband Michael Douglas on a movie set and she was working up a frantic pace with some needles and yarn.

Tim revealed: ''I've had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Douglas a few times. He has a great relationship with Catherine.

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Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't Envy Kristen Stewart's Fame

Jennifer Lawrence InMe Kristen Stewart Nicholas Hoult X-Men

Jennifer Lawrence doesn't envy Kristen Stewart's fame.

The 21-year-old actress is set to become a household name thanks to her forthcoming role in 'The Hunger Games', but says she would hate to be as well known as the 'Twilight' star.

She said: ''I look at Kristen Stewart now and I think, 'I'd never want to be that famous'.

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