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InMe, The Pride Album Review

Numerous trends and scenes have come and gone since the turn of the century but one of Britain's gutsy alt bands keep coming back to the table with new material. Inme return with their fifth studio album 'The Pride' and show the band is still functioning despite label complications taking them away from the mainstream limelight.

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InMe, Phoenix: The Best of InMe Album Review

Almost a decade ago, InMe burst onto the British rock scene with their explosive brand of metal infused emo rock as teenagers, on their impressive debut album Overgrown Eden. Since then, the tags of "bright new hope" and "your new favourite band" have worn off. The following three albums, impressive as they may be, were seemingly a case of diminishing returns with InMe slowly dropping off the radar. Phoenix, a collection of 12 songs from their back catalogue coupled with three brand new tracks is as good a way as any to re-introduce yourself to a band who - almost a decade on - still sound as fresh faced and youthful as they ever did.

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