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Seven Psychopaths

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 7th December 2012

Martin McDonagh gleefully plays with both the gang thriller genre and the moviemaking process with this enjoyably absurd action comedy. It's a little self-indulgent, acknowledging how difficult he found it to follow up his acclaimed...

Tags: Colin Farrell - Sam Rockwell - Christopher Walken - Woody Harrelson - Tom Waits - Zeljko Ivanek

Argo - Trailer

Video | 10th October 2012

When the Iranian Revolution protests began to take place in 1979, their main target was the US embassy in Tehran. It didn't take long for an army of militant Islamic extremists to infiltrate the building...

Tags: Ben Affleck - Bryan Cranston - Alan Arkin - John Goodman - Victor Garber - Tate Donovan

Seven Psychopaths

Video | 28th September 2012

Marty is a budding screenwriter in LA with hopes of completing his major screenplay 'Seven Psychopaths' but involuntarily gets mixed up in his friends Hans and Billy's career of dog kidnapping; a way of earning...

Tags: Sam Rockwell - Colin Farrell - Christopher Walken - Woody Harrelson - Abbie Cornish - Olga Kurylenko

The Bourne Legacy

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 16th August 2012

Writer Gilroy adds directing to his Bourne chores, shifting the franchise into a cerebral thriller punctuated by plodding action sequences. It's watchable, but doesn't have enough sense of character or purpose to make us care...

Tags: Jeremy Renner - Rachel Weisz - Edward Norton - Oscar Isaac - Stacy Keach - Donna Murphy

The Words

Video | 7th August 2012

Rory Jansen is a young writer who is failing to achieve any kind of literary recognition and is on the edge of giving up as he and his wife Dora struggle to pay the bills....

Tags: Bradley Cooper - Zoe Saldana - Olivia Wilde - Dennis Quaid - Jeremy Irons - J.K Simmons

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