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A Live Action ‘Tetris’ Movie Is On Its Way (Seriously)

by Stephanie Chase | News | Videogames / Gaming | 30th September 2014

Of all the video games you could imagine making the leap onto the big screen, Tetris would have to be pretty low down on that list. After all, it is a game which involves shapes,...

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Here's Why 'Dead Island' Shouldn't Be A Movie

by Joe DeAndrea | News | Videogames / Gaming | 7th August 2014

If at first you don't succeed, try again! Unless what you're trying is a really bad idea in the first place. Then maybe you should give up and focus on other some other things. Especially...

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Elite: Dangerous Is Coming To Xbox One and PS4, Probably

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 14th July 2014

Elite: Dangerous has raised many eyebrows over the past few months, mainly due to an incredibly promising scope and a hefty £100 beta price tag. But Frontier chief David Brabe has probably won back a...

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Borderlands 1 & 2 Were So Good, The Gearbox President is "Scared" Of a Third

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 11th July 2014

Completing the Borderlands trilogy, and even going beyond that, is a must for Gearbox. Their open world shooter, which boasts an incredible amount of content in the form of quests, loot and enemies, have been...

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New World Record: Someone Completed Super Mario Bros. In 4:57.69

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 27th June 2014

While many gamers bemoan paying $60 for an 8-hour campaign with modern AAA titles, there’s a lot of fun to be had with speed runs. ‘Blubbler’ has mastered the art, clocking his record breaking Mario...

Tags: Mario - XBOX

The Spiritual Successor to S.T.A.L.K.E.R Hits Kickstarter, Earns Half of $50k Goal

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 26th June 2014

Ariel, a new game from much of the dev team behind the post-apocalyptic cult hit, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, has hit Kickstarter. Described as “the definitive spiritual successor to the cult hit S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series,” Ariel is another...

Tags: XBOX

'Sniper Elite 3' Arrives to Positive Reviews; Positive, Not Glowing

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 26th June 2014

Sniper Elite V2 had its problems, but the seemingly never-repetitive killcam, which gruesomely detailed entry wounds in painful slow motion, giving us a comprehensive look at ever bone break and skin laceration suffered, would –...

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Destiny's Public Beta Will Run Nice And Smoothly... Hopefully

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 25th June 2014

As an online-only shooter, with a massively shared world – not to mention being one of the year’s most anticipated games, it’s not hard to foresee a situation in which Destiny’s beta release is a...

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Why Xbox One Users Will Need to Install a 10GB Day-One Patch for Sniper Elite 3

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 23rd June 2014

Xbox One gamers looking forward to Sniper Elite 3 be warned: the game requires a mammoth 10GB first day patch, which replaces some of the mandatory install size.The install size for the World War II...

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PlayStation Now’s Pricing Needs to Change If It Is To Succeed

by Joe DeAndrea | News | Videogames / Gaming | 23rd June 2014

Ever since the announcement back in 2012 that Sony would be acquiring Gaikai, a streaming service for video games, for $380 million, many anticipated how it would be implemented in the future for PlayStation products....

Tags: XBOX

Those Hidden Watch Dogs Graphics Files Explained

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 20th June 2014

While PC gaming is generally more expensive than console gaming, it does throw up things like this that make it worth every penny. The secret graphics files found on the PC version of Watch Dogs...

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After 'Ratchet & Clank,' These Games Need To Be Movies

by Joe DeAndrea | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 13th June 2014

Video game fans were punched right in the childhood during Sony’s E3 press conference on Tuesday. In midst of all the announcements for upcoming games, a wild trailer appeared for a ‘Ratchet & Clank’ feature...

Tags: XBOX

How's That? 'Diablo III Reaper of Souls' and 'The Last of Us' Combine

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 11th June 2014

Well, this is one of the more unexpected game mash-ups we could’ve imagined, but now it’s here, we can’t imagine a world without it. The Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls, will feature a special...

Tags: XBOX

'Mass Effect 4': The Universe Is Expanding, But The Old Trilogy Hasn't Disappeared

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 11th June 2014

One of the key questions surrounding the recently announced Mass Effect 4 is where the franchise can go after Mass Effect 3’s ending – don’t worry, no spoilers here.Mass Effect 4 will run on the...

Tags: XBOX

'Batman: Arkham Knight' Features Exclusive Scarecrow Treat For PS4 Owners

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 10th June 2014

Announced at E3 - where else? – the final instalment of the Batman: Arkham Knight trilogy will feature exclusive Scarecrow missions for PS4 users only. We also got to see a new trailer with plenty...

Tags: XBOX

Naughty Dog's E3 2014: 'Uncharted 4: A Thief's End' and More Info on The Last of Us Remastered

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 10th June 2014

While some, including me, were hopelessly dreaming of a secret Last of Us DLC unveiling, or better still, a sequel, acclaimed developer Naughty Dog gave us what we expected at E3: something concrete on Uncharted...

Tags: XBOX

Whoops: 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' E3 Trailer Released, Then Taken Down

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 9th June 2014

E3 kicks off imminently but Konami got their time zones mixed up - probably - and unleashed the trailer for their highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain early, sending the Internet into...

Tags: Kiefer Sutherland - XBOX

FIFA 15 On PC Will Be Playing Catchup No More - Ignite Engine and System Requirements

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 6th June 2014

FIFA has always been a slightly less enjoyable prospect for PC owners; keyboard controls are great for FPS games but not so good for sports titles, unless you hook up a 360 pad. But the...

Tags: XBOX

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Release Date Confirmed, Special Edition Unpacked and Gameplay Trailer Revealed

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 6th June 2014

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was recently delayed, causing many fans of the franchise to despair. But there’s been a whole load of news, updates, information and cold hard gameplay to remedy that brief disappointment...

Tags: Barack Obama - XBOX

Why Was Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed? A Look At 2015's Most Anticipated Game

by Joe DeAndrea | News | Videogames / Gaming | 6th June 2014

The wait for what was one of this year’s most anticipated games is going to have to go on for a little while longer. Until next year, actually. Originally set to hit stores October 14,...

Tags: XBOX

'Hitman: Sniper' Set To Build on 'Hitman Go's' Success

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 5th June 2014

Hitman Go has been such a critical smash on mobile platforms, Square Enix Montreal have been working on another: Hitman: Sniper has been announced, and will be available this year as a free download for...

Tags: XBOX

President Obama Expresses His Admiration for 'The Witcher'

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 4th June 2014

We already know the President of The United States is into his TV; he’s talked about House of Cards, Game of Thrones and True Detective before. He’s just a guy like any of us, right?...

Tags: Barack Obama - XBOX

'Batman Arkham Knight' Delayed For Town Planning Reasons

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 3rd June 2014

The hugely anticipated Batman game, Arkham Knight has been subject to a pretty serious delay, Rocksteady Studios have announced. It was supposed to be one of 2014’s biggest releases, but has now been pushed back...

Tags: XBOX

'Murdered: Soul Suspect' Arrives To Lukewarm Reviews

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 3rd June 2014

Murdered: Soul Suspect arrived today, but instead of providing a worthy alternative to Watch Dogs, which everyone is playing, it has whimpered into existence, receiving lukewarm reviews upon its entry to a wholly non-saturated genre....

Tags: XBOX

Mortal Kombat X Is Coming And It's Coming in 2016

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 2nd June 2014

Mortal Kombat X was the worst kept secret in video games until it was officially announced. The legendary beat ‘em up was heavily rumoured to appear in next week’s E3 conference, but a retail leak...

Tags: XBOX

Preview: The 4 Video Games You Must Own This Summer

by Joe DeAndrea | News | Videogames / Gaming | 30th May 2014

It’s almost June. The temperature is rising, the flowers are blooming, and everyone is scurrying to make plans with their friends on how to make the upcoming season a summer to remember. But, even with...

Tags: XBOX

'Battlecry' Looks Like Half Life 2, Dishonoured And Final Fantasy VII. And That's Amazing

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 29th May 2014

With all the tumult surrounding the new generation of games being developed for the PS4 and Xbox One, the PC platform is secretly amassing a plethora of exciting new titles. None more than ‘Battlecry’, a...

Tags: XBOX

Watch Dogs PR Stunt Results in Huge Bomb Scare and Evacuations in Sydney

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 29th May 2014

Either Ubisoft’s marketing team managed to misjudge everything about their Australian marketing stunt, or they knew exactly what they were doing. Either way, the game has hit the news because of a black, beeping safe...

Tags: XBOX

Battlefield Steps Away From 'All Out Warfare' and into Cops vs Robbers with "Hardline"

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Videogames / Gaming | 28th May 2014

The Battlefield franchise has always been good for one thing: all out, guns blazing warfare. But after 12 titles, allowing players to step into battle in World War II, the present day and in the...

Tags: XBOX

Great But Not Perfect - Watch Dogs Arrives To Glowing Reviews

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 27th May 2014

Watch Dogs has finally hit town to the tune of positive reviews from the majority of the critics. It’s not The Last of Us – you couldn’t move for all the double-digit reviews for Naughty...

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