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"I wonder how Will is going to hide the fact that he is bisexual and prefers men to women for sex? His wife has left a long line of female lovers along the way and it is a known fact the Will has used several top notch male prostitues . votaciones presidenciales

1 year 1 month ago
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Jack Brown

Will SMith is thinking about running for a political office........"Maybe even the presidency!"I wonder how Will is going to hide the fact that he is bisexual and prefers men to women for sex? His wife has left a long line of female lovers along the way and it is a known fact the Will has used several top notch male prostitues . On the outside, both he and his wife appear to be the perfect couple with the perfect family...but in real life they both prefer and have sex with the opposite sex. I guess they will fit right in with the rest of the politicians and their vices in Wasington.

4 years 10 months ago
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Hitler is a good person, with a twisted logic! The fab actor has allegedly stated and it does sound like something that he would say! Of course had Mr Smith been on the receiving end of such twisted logic he would have asked "why?". That simple question is asked every day by the victims of such "twisted logic", not just survivors of the Halocaust. There is no rational answer to the actions of perveyors of distrust and cruelty. Not even angels can rationalise the darkness, it leads to confusion. Darkness breeds fear, injustice and oppression. The skill of dark hearts lies in their intellectual ability to mask their true nature. I think this is what Mr Smith means. Hitler was "nice" like all awful people, they excel at being "nice" in order to spread their dark messages. That is why survivors use the concept of evil to describe something that is beyond proper logic and reason. In recognition of the innocence of such victims, for it is true, that the darkness attacks the Light. That makes scientists, philosophers and academics and of course the Jewish Nation perveyors of Light during the Halocaust. It also makes the 9 million so called "witches" who were executed by the Vatican across Europe during the era of the Inquisitions, perveyors of Light.Anywhere where darkness strikes, there is something precious to the Light at stake. The darkness is recognised by its cruel and violent habits. Will Smith is definately a Light heart, he cannot see anything other than the actuality of his own essential nature.The Christmas festival is an adaption of a real spiritual happening that the "witches" paid hommage to. God the Mother blesses Her children in all dimensional realitites, She sends out Her Ray of Love in the hope that some of mankind will open their hearts and absorb it. The ensign of the Mother is a four pointed radiant star, artists have made the star a focal point at this time of year, it holds a dearer place in our experiencing than the birth of a spiritual leader 2000 years ago. The five pointed star represents spiritual ego-consciousness, a reflection of Mother within us all.

7 years 1 day ago
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5 years 11 months ago
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Will Smith is an all around great person. He is greatly admirable and well respected. He is the "box office king" and has fame worldwide. I think he is one of the most respected celebrities. There aren't tabloids with false stories spilling out everywhere. Like, other actors get scrutinized for pictures of them being friendly to a women, but that doesn't happen for the Fresh Prince. He has gained the respect from the public for being himself and that is honorable. He is absolutely beautiful.

8 years 2 months ago
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