White Belt Yellow Tag Videos

White Belt Yellow Tag, Always & Echoes

Year 2010 | Genre Pop

Synopsis - Always & Echoes is the new single from White Belt Yellow Tag, it will be released on March 29th through Distiller Records. Their debut album Methods will follow on April...

White Belt Yellow Tag, Tell Your Friends (It All Worked Out)

Genre Alternative

Synopsis - Tell Your Friends Video from White Belt Yellow TagWhite Belt Yellow Tag are set to release 'Tell Your Friends' the bands new single through Distiller Records on Monday July 13th...

White Belt Yellow Tag, You're Not Invincible

Genre Rock

Synopsis - You're Not Invincible video from White Belt Yellow Tag.White Belt Yellow Tag is the creation of Justin Lockey (Yourcodenameis:milo) & Craig Pilbin. The duo met up in Newcastle, and started...


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