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Voxtrot - album sampler

by Ben Davis | Review | 23rd July 2007

Voxtrotalbum samplerNow, normally an album sampler would be no great shakes, not even worth writing about you might say. However, this five track sampler from Voxtrot's forthcoming debut gives us a tantalising glimpse at one...

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Voxtrot - Blood Red Blood

by Owen Lloyd | Review | 4th June 2007

VoxtrotBlood Red BloodSingle Review They're a greedy lot, the Texans. Not content with roaming a state bigger than most countries, when they're not trying to take over the world (or at least those nice oily...

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Voxtrot - Trouble

by Mark Moore | Review | 14th March 2007

VoxtrotTroubleSingle ReviewVoxtrot's latest single is called Trouble. The bizarre thing about Voxtrot releasing this is the B side reached no. 4 in the Billboard Maxi Singles Chart sandwiched between Beyonce and Nelly Furtado,which, let's face...

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