Virginia Madsen Trailers

Father Of Invention, Trailer

Year 2011 | Genre Dramas

Synopsis - Robert Axle is a wealthy infomercial master. However, when one of his latest inventions has a design fault that chops users' fingers off, his empire shatters. After spending eight years...

Directed by Trent Cooper

Starring , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Red Riding Hood, Trailer

Year 2011 | Genre Thriller

Synopsis - Valerie is a young woman who lives in a village that has been haunted by a terrible curse, a werewolf lives in the surrounding woods and although the villagers have...

Directed by

Starring , , , , , , , , , ,

Amelia, Trailer

Year 2009 | Genre Rock

Synopsis - Watch the trailer for Amelia Amelia Earhart was a true hero to many men and women, she was an independent freethinker who yearned to explore. She was the first woman...

Directed by

Starring , , , , , , ,

Diminished Capacity, Trailer

Synopsis - Watch the trailer for Diminished CapacityCooper is the editor of a politics section in a newspaper, he's a bright and intelligent guy, until he suffers a concussion and his life...

Starring , , , , ,

The Number 23, Trailer

Synopsis - The Number 23 Trailer The psychological thriller "The Number 23" stars Jim Carrey as a man whose life unravels after he comes into contact with an obscure book titled The...

Starring , , ,


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