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Vessels - Helioscope

by Dom Gourlay | Review | 2nd March 2011

While post-rock hasn't really recovered from the backlash it's taken in recent years, most of its protagonists have moved on to better, sparser pastures in search of more fulfilling new horizons. Mogwai's 'Hardcore Will Never...

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Vessels - Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute

Video | 13th October 2010

Vessels return with a new album and single. Their album - titled 'Helioscope' - is set for release in February 2011 through Cuckundoo Records; but if you can't wait until then the band will release...

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Vessels - White Fields and Open Devices

by Nick Gale | Review | 16th July 2008

To say that 'White Fields and Open Devices' is an eagerly anticipated release is something of an understatement. If the Leeds Society for Experimental and Progressive Rock Music produced a calendar, in which every month...

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Vessels - Two Words & A Gesture

by Mark Moore | Review | 19th November 2007

Vessels, Two Words & A Gesture Single ReviewEvery now and then there's a band that just make you take a step back and think quite simply Wow, when it's something special from the British Isles....

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