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Tweak Bird - The Weight

Video | 30th October 2012

Hailing from the south of Illinois, heavy rock band Tweak Bird release a headbangingly awesome new music video for their track 'The Weight' taken from their forthcoming 7-track EP 'Undercover Crops' which is due to...

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Various Artists - New Heavy Sounds Volume 2

by Ben Walton | Review | 16th January 2012

Sadly, it is not at all uncommon to hear some out of touch oik of a journalist declaring that 'rock' or even 'guitar music' is 'dead'. While I would certainly agree that guitar music does...

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Tweak Bird - Tweak Bird

by Chris Spann | Review | 9th August 2010

This album makes me wish I was about sixteen again. Not for any great ideological or philosophical reason, it's just that when I was sixteen years old I was a right little tearaway and wasn't...

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