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Spooks: The Greater Good - Teaser

Video | 30th January 2015

Dark times are coming to the United Kingdom. During a handover to MI5 Counter-terrorism leader Harry Pearce (Peter Firth), one of the UK's number one most wanted terrorists, Adam Qasim (Elyes Gabel) devises a way...

Tags: Kit Harington - Jennifer Ehle - Elyes Gabel - Lara Pulver - Tuppence Middleton - David Harewood

The Imitation Game

Video | 28th October 2014

It's World War II and things are looking bleak as the allies struggle to decipher the Germans' ingenious Enigma Code; a puzzle that could bring an immediate end to the war with all their movements...

Tags: Benedict Cumberbatch - Keira Knightley - Mark Strong - Matthew Goode - Charles Dance - Rory Kinnear

The Imitation Game

Video | 21st July 2014

Alan Turing is a mathematician whose genius leads him to be enlisted in a major code-breaking scheme during World War II, where he is set the task of deciphering German secrets. Working strictly covertly at...

Tags: Benedict Cumberbatch - Keira Knightley - Mark Strong - Matthew Goode - Charles Dance - Rory Kinnear

The Love Punch

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 17th April 2014

An old-school caper comedy, this goofy romp struggles to surmount its badly contrived screenplay. Fortunately writer-director Joel Hopkins also has gorgeous locations and a cast of pros who are unafraid to make complete idiots of...

Tags: Emma Thompson - Pierce Brosnan - Celia Imrie - Timothy Spall - Laurent Lafitte - louise Bourgoin

Emma Thompson & Pierce Brosnan Are Amateur Jewel Thieves In 'The Love Punch' [Trailer & Pictures]

by Elinor Cosgrave | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 7th April 2014

The Love Punch is due out in UK cinemas next week so what are we in for from Last Chance Harvey writer and director Joel Hopkins?From L-R: Timothy Spall, Celia Imrie, Emma Thompson and Pierce...

Tags: Emma Thompson - Pierce Brosnan - Timothy Spall - Celia Imrie - Tuppence Middleton

The Love Punch

Video | 7th April 2014

Richard and Kate are middle-class and middle-aged parents who have come to the end of their marriage, finding it hardly possible to bear being in the same room together. However, as their daughter Sophie moves...

Tags: Pierce Brosnan - Emma Thompson - Tuppence Middleton - Timothy Spall - Celia Imrie - Marisa Berenson

Jupiter Ascending

Video | 27th March 2014

Jupiter Jones has an unfortunate life, barely scraping by with her job cleaning toilets as a janitor. She wouldn't have thought that her life would ever be anything meaningful, but she couldn't be more wrong....

Tags: Channing Tatum - Mila Kunis - Eddie Redmayne - Sean Bean - Terry Gilliam - James D'Arcy

A Long Way Down

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 21st March 2014

With a darkly serious theme and a corny rom-com filmmaking approach, this film never quite comes together into something meaningful. The characters are full of possibilities, and the story catches the imagination, but director Pascal...

Tags: Pierce Brosnan - Toni Collette - Aaron Paul - Imogen Poots - Sam Neill - Rosamund Pike

A Long Way Down

Video | 28th January 2014

Martin Sharp is a disgraced TV presenter whose ambitions and family have been destroyed by his own stupid mistakes. Now feeling deeply lost and humiliated he finds that the only way to proceed is to...

Tags: Pierce Brosnan - Toni Collette - Aaron Paul - Imogen Poots - Sam Neill - Rosamund Pike

Jupiter Ascending

Video | 10th December 2013

Jupiter Jones is an impoverished janitor who dreams of a life with much more purpose than she is living. She is convinced that her life will always be one of the many in the world...

Tags: Mila Kunis - Channing Tatum - Sean Bean - Eddie Redmayne - Douglas Booth - Terry Gilliam

Pacific Rim Now Out In Cinemas, But What Other Films Have Been Released Today?

by Lauren James | News | | 12th July 2013

Friday 12th July has been quite the launchpad for a host of new and exciting films, showcasing the genre spectrum. From action blockbusters to indies, political thrillers to kids animation films, there'll be something to...

Tags: Guillermo Del Toro - Tuppence Middleton - Alexandra Roach - Benedict Cumberbatch - Iain Softley - Billy Crystal

Wasted Opportunity As 'Trap For Cinderella' Garners Average Reviews

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 12th July 2013

Trap For Cinderella - based on the novel Piège pour Cendrillon by Sébastien Japrisot – stars Tuppence Middleton, Alexandra Roach, Kerry Fox, Aneurin Barnard, Frances de la Tour. It tells the story of two friends...

Tags: Tuppence Middleton - Idris Elba

Trap for Cinderella

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 11th July 2013

Stylish and moody, this twisty dramatic thriller gets under our skin with its mysterious tone and darkly insinuating performances. But the script is badly underwritten, never quite connecting the dots between what happens on screen....

Tags: Tuppence Middleton - Alexandra Roach - Kerry Fox - Aneurin Barnard - Frances de la Tour - Alex Jennings

'Trap For Cinderella' Trailer: Erotic Drama Meets Psychological Thriller [Trailer]

by Lauren James | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 5th June 2013

A popular children's fairytale may inspire the title forTrap For Cinderella, but the new trailer for upcoming British thriller shows that it's not one for the kids.Adapted from a French novel of the same name,...

Tags: Tuppence Middleton - Alexandra Roach - Iain Softley

Trap For Cinderella

Video | 5th June 2013

Micky is an avid photographer enjoying her nightly social revelry in London until she bumps into an old friend from her childhood. Do is almost the opposite of Micky; she is quiet and reserved, but...

Tags: Tuppence Middleton - Alexandra Roach - Aneurin Barnard - Kerry Fox - Alex Jennings - Erich Redman


by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 28th March 2013

Danny Boyle is obviously having a ball with this thriller, deploying every cinematic trick he can think of to throw the audience off the track. But sometimes too much of a good thing is annoying....

Tags: James McAvoy - Rosario Dawson - Vincent Cassel - Danny Sapani - Tuppence Middleton - Danny Boyle


Video | 18th February 2013

Simon is a successful auctioneer of fine art who gets tracked down by a ruthless gang of organised criminals after an extremely valuable painting seen at one auction gets lost. He is subject to brutal...

Tags: James McAvoy - Rosario Dawson - Vincent Cassel - Tuppence Middleton - Danny Sapani - Lee Nicholas Harris

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