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Grudge Match

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 23rd January 2014

It's a little annoying that this high-concept marketing project (Rocky vs Raging Bull!) is as entertaining as it is: we want to hate it, as tired actors are sending up their own faded images. But...

Tags: Sylvester Stallone - Robert De Niro - Kevin Hart - Alan Arkin - Kim Basinger - Jon Bernthal

Flash Of Genius

Video | 3rd March 2009

Watch the trailer for Flash Of GeniusSome people just have a natural creative spark, they're constantly thinking of ways to solve problems and designing new contraptions to remedy the problems. When Robert Kerns, a loving...

Tags: Greg Kinnear - Lauren Graham - Dermot Mulroney - Tim Kelleher - Mitch Pileggi - Simon Reynolds

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