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American Hustle

Video | 3rd December 2013

Irving Rosenfeld is a conman whose impressively deft criminal exploits have eluded authorities for years. However, when he finds himself forced to use his talents for good as he is roped into an FBI sting...

Tags: Christian Bale - Jennifer Lawrence - Amy Adams - Bradley Cooper - Robert De Niro - Jeremy Renner

American Hustle - International Trailer

Video | 4th November 2013

Whilst running a con, being anonymous is very important. Keeping past operations secret and your personal life out of reach from potential targets is just as important as running the actual hustle. For years Irving...

Tags: Christian Bale - Amy Adams - Bradley Cooper - Jennifer Lawrence - Robert De Niro - Jeremy Renner

American Hustle

Video | 2nd September 2013

Irving Rosenfeld is one of America's most talented con artists but his world of ladies and luxury is hanging in the balance when threatening circumstances force him, along with his temptress business partner and lover...

Tags: Christian Bale - Bradley Cooper - Jennifer Lawrence - Amy Adams - Robert De Niro - Jeremy Renner

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