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Good movie. I thought that the whole story was very true to the good book and the meaning was portrayed well through the actors. However, it got on my nerves having to read subtitles all the way through the movie. Also, I say it is a good movie but it was a little bit over-exagerated. Furthermore, Mel is getting all this praise about doing the Lord's work when they forget why he made the movie. MONEY!!!!

8 years 1 month ago
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Kudos to Mr. Caviezel and Mr. Gibson. These men stand out in a world overly concerned with polictical correctness. One just needs to read the Gospel of John to see how true the movie is to it's origin. I can't say "I love it" because it is a representation of the sinful life I have lived, a life that could only be redeemed through the brutal death of our Savior. It has changed my life forever and I am so grateful to all involved. Yes it was violent but I expected nothing less. Jesus paid the price for all of our sin.

7 years 8 months ago
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