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The Liability

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 17th May 2013

Blackly comical writing and direction add a playful slant to what could have been a typically over-serious British crime thriller. And there's also a coming-of-age element to the plot that holds our interest. It's all...

Tags: Jack O'Connell - Tim Roth - Talulah Riley - Peter Mullan - Kierston Wareing - Jack Mcbride

The Liability

Video | 9th May 2013

Adam is just 19-years-old but, after managing to prang his mother's mobster boyfriend's car, is coerced into performing a driving job for jaded hitman Roy who, apart from being visibly annoyed at having to mentor...

Tags: Tim Roth - Peter Mullan - Jack O'Connell - Talulah Riley - Kierston Wareing - Christopher Hatherall

The Knot

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 5th October 2012

Clearly intent on being a British Hangover/Bridesmaids hybrid, this comedy romp doesn't contain a single laugh. It doesn't help that all of the characters (except perhaps one) are deeply unlikeable, or that the humour is...

Tags: Talulah Riley - Matthew McNulty - Noel Clarke - Mena Suvari - Jason Maza

The Dilemma

Video | 15th October 2010

Ronny and Nick are best buddies and business partners, their partners are good friends and they all spend a lot of their lives together in one way or another. When Ronny catches Nick's wife passionately...

Tags: Vince Vaughn - Kevin James - Jennifer Connelly - Winona Ryder - Channing Tatum - Queen Latifah

The Boat That Rocked

Video | 6th January 2009

Watch the trailer for The Boat That RockedLegal radio stations in 1960's Britain weren't exactly what you'd call interesting to listen to if you were part of the hip young generation. 2 hours of rock...

Tags: Rhys Ifans - Philip Seymour Hoffman - Bill Nighy - Nick Frost - Kenneth Branagh - Tom Wisdom

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