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Lea Michele

Stooshe Biggest Names In Pop Announced For Liverpool Music Festival

25th June 2013 16:28

Organisers of the major new UK festival, Liverpool International Music Festival, have revealed the full line-up for their Turn Up...

Lea Michele

Stooshe Stooshe Release New Single 'Slip' On May 13th 2013

19th March 2013 15:51

Stooshe - Alex Buggs, Courtney Rumbold and Karis Anderson - will release the brand new single 'Slip' on May 13th...

Lea Michele

Stooshe Stooshe Release Of Self-titled Debut Album To Be Delayed Until March 2013

15th November 2012 17:06

creativity which has seen them write some of the best songs of their career, Stooshe have decided to delay the...

Lea Michele

Stooshe Stooshe, Fazer, Tyler James & Angel Launch Charity Children In Need Single Out 7th November 2012

6th November 2012 11:17

URBAN CLASSIC'Wish I Belonged'ft Fazer, BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jules Buckley, Stooshe, Angel and Tyler James Available from 7th...