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Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland Was NOT Arrested, Repeat NOT Arrested

by Victoria Pavlova | News | Music / Festivals | 22nd August 2014

False alarm, everyone – Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has not been imprisoned for the past couple weeks despite reports to the contrary. According the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, via The Wrap, the...

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You Can Take Scott Weiland Out Of Stone Temple Pilots, But You Can't Take The Pilot Out Of Weiland

by Victoria Pavlova | News | | 26th May 2013

Stone Temple Pilots, the band, is pressing on with performances, but former vocalist Scott Weiland isn’t happy. After he split up from bandmates Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo and Eric Kretz, Weiland maintains that the band...

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Chester Bennington In And Scott Weiland Out For Stone Temple Pilots

by Contributor | News | Music / Festivals | 21st May 2013

Scott Weiland’s been denying for ages, but there couldn’t have been much more proof that he is back out of the Stone Temple Pilots, after the group made an appearance at a live show with...

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Stone Temple Pilots Fire Scott Weiland. Passive Agression Ensues.

by Victoria Pavlova | News | | 28th February 2013

The grunge band Stone Temple Pilots have made some changes to the lineup – well, one big one, to be exact – terminating frontman Scott Weiland.And if that term sounds somewhat matter-of-fact to you, well...

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Scott Weiland 'Terminated' From Stone Temple Pilots - Confirmed In Brief PR Mail

by Hayley Avron | News | Music / Festivals | 27th February 2013

When Stone Temple Pilots issued a statement to say that they have “terminated” their erstwhile singer Scott Weiland, we feared the worst. Clearly, we have been watching too many action movies. They may have killed...

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Stone Temple Pilots - Stone Temple Pilots

by Ben Walton | Review | 21st May 2010

Comeback albums by their very nature can be extremely rocky territory for bands. At best they can re-energise and bring back to life a once great band, elevating them back to their former creative peak...

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Stone Temple Pilots - Between The Lines

by Ben Walton | Review | 12th May 2010

At the moment, we seem to be in the grips of some kind of 1990s renaissance, with Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and The Smashing Pumpkins all releasing new and impressive material in the last...

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