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Two years ago, Sting found himself in the extremely difficult position of having to perform a show on the grounds of his home in Italy on a day that will live in infamy: September 11, 2001. "It was the last thing I wanted to do," he says, "but people had come from all over the world to see this show in my backyard, and I felt they needed some kind of therapy, just to be together." The gripping intimacy of that show was documented by the live album and DVD, All This Time, which came out soon afterwards.

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2014 revlon concert benefit sting 180414
2014 revlon concert benefit sting 180414
2014 revlon concert benefit sting 180414
2014 revlon concert benefit sting 180414
2014 revlon concert benefit sting 180414

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John A's picture

John A

Sting ponces around as the archetypal environmentalist, all concern for the planet and reducing his carbon footprint. But what really motivates him? Does he love the planet or simply hate humanity?Check these lyrics out, from Synchronicity II, which show the utter hatred Sting and his ilk have for the average working Joe:Another suburban family morningGrandmother screaming at the wallWe have to shout above the din of our Rice CrispiesWe can't hear anything at allMother chants her litany of boredom and frustrationBut we know all her suicides are fakeDaddy only stares into the distanceThere's only so.much heartache he can takeMany miles awaySomething crawls from the slimeAt the bottom of a dark Scottish lakeAnother industrial ugly morningThe factory belches filth into the skyHe walks unhindered through the picket lines todayHe doesn't think to wonder whyThe secretaries pout and preen likecheap tarts in a red light streetBut all he ever thinks to do is watchAnd every single meeting with his so-called superiorIs a humiliating kick in the crotchMany miles awaySomething crawls to the surfaceOf a dark Scottish lochAnother working day has endedOnly the rush hour hell to facePacked like lemmings into shiny metal boxesContestants in a suicidal raceDaddy grips the wheel and stares alone into the distanceHe knows that something somewhere has to breakHe sees the family home now looming in his headlightsThe pain upstairs that makes his eyeballs acheMany miles awayThere's a shadow on the doorOf a cottage on the shoreOf a dark Scottish lakeMany miles away, many miles awayThat's it. A more derisive, hateful and venomous view of working class people would be hard to imagine. Sting clearly has a very deep seated contempt and loathing of average people who go to work. It's obvious that this drives his environmentalist thoughts, as distinct from any concern for a clean planet. My point is that probably most greens agree with him, which shows that 'climate change' is more of a political than a scientific cause, predicated on a virulent hatred of average people, whom Sting and his green thugs wish to stifle and supress. That's us I'm talking about. Average working people. He and his green cronies despise us. It's about time we fought back. The single most important moral cause of our time is to defeat greens, end their pervasive influence on our lives, and reduce them to the insignificance they so richly deserve.

4 years 3 months ago
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chrissie's picture


I read the article about Sacred Love the 2001 inspired album - I have had it awhile and whilst this man Sting can do no wrong, he has surpassed much of his other work. I am a Geordie like he is, and I love the way he supports other Northern artists like Katherine Tickell, Jimmy Nail, Mark Knopfler. What a talented lot we are!

8 years 2 weeks ago
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Kinihun's picture


I have only just bought my first sting and the police DISC. I was totally impressed as I only ever listened to Sting concerts on the telly in Nigeria when I was growing up in the 80s. I must say though that I am suprised that you are a Geordie. You look more scandanavian or nordic. I have just done a portrait of you from thst album. Would you like to see it?Kinihun

7 years 10 months ago
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Lucyjohns's picture


Check out this great interview with Sting

4 years 6 months ago
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ReginaVildy's picture


Check this out from Sting's website!One of the most dynamic and successful musicians of our time, Sting, joins A&E's Emmy Award nominated series Private Sessions for a unique one hour event on Sunday, June 27th at 9am EDT and on Thursday, July 1st at 11pm EDT on BIO. Performing live from the Symphonicity Tour at the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheatre in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Sting performs his greatest Police and solo hits, re-imagined for symphonic arrangement, backed by the 45-piece Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and a five-piece band, conducted by Steven Mercurio. Private Sessions will feature five songs by Sting captured exclusively by our cameras as well as a rare, in-depth interview with host Lynn Hoffman. Don't miss these exclusive performances of "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic," "Desert Rose," "Fields of Gold," "Next To You," and "Every Breath You Take"

3 years 10 months ago
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smadar's picture



4 years 8 months ago
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joydove321's picture


Sting your song "Field's of Gold" was my fav. song all through high school. It's so sexy. You are hot. Love your music. You are one of my top five fav. musician's you know.

7 years 10 months ago
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