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celeste winn

i have read alot on steve wynn, because my father and i are a winn with an i instead of y, my father told me that steve wynn is part of our family but thats all he said, so i decided to check in to some info online by looking up steve wynn hotel resort, i just want to know if he is a cousin or uncle or what, i dont know my whole family.please i need to talk to steve wynn about alot of things, he can email me at or velvetbaby7777@aol.comi saw his picture online and he does have the family look,my dads name is bob winn, my uncles are richard winn, albert winn, william winn, aunts are lillian winn, beverly winn, my grandma was rose winn and grandpa warner e winn, i ama artist and a published poet. i just want to talk with him or he can write me at my po box 5133 napa ca 94581 name celeste winni was in vegas of october 2005 stayed 2 weeks cause my mother is very ill and my father has a tumor in his brain please i really need to talk to him, he is a facinating man. thank you celeste winn

8 years 7 months ago
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