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loving snoop, back with a bang and is hotter than ever!!! loved his performance on the europe music awards with pharrell :)

9 years 6 months ago
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I am glad we can view Snoop Dog reality show with his family in Québec . Too bad it is only 30 minutes ... I really enjoy it and his wife Shante shouldn't take him for granted ... I wonder if she got the message on the last episode I saw when he invites her to a restaurant and through the conversation told her in a very gracious way that she should do something with her life ..that she has all the tools to do so ... I just hope their conversation came back to her head , cause you can have all the money in the world , you must have something to be proud of besides your husband and childreen . With this charming and loving man who takes a lot of place in the family , wife and childreen must be careful to have a life of their own and I believe Snoop Dog realize that...Also, we can tell watching the show he loves his wife dearly and when he told his older son how long he struggle to get Shante's attention and love after that was to me very touching .... This reality show is great entertainment and even if he was no celebrity he can rest assured that women would love him still for he has a great sense of humor and is very very funny and ask any woman what comes first in a man's quality... hum hum ... no perverts ... someone who can make you laugh !!! Sujan

6 years 6 months ago
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