Slash (born Saul Hudson, 23.7.1965)

Slash is the former guitarist of American rock group Guns N' Roses and current guitarist of Velvet Revolver

Slash: Childhood

Slash was born into the rock 'n' roll lifestyle in Hampstead, London. His mother was a costume designer for David Bowie and his father was an artist who worked for the likes of Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. He was raised in Stoke-on-Trent until he was 11, when the family moved to Los Angeles. Whilst in the States, his parents separated and he lived with his mother, next door to David Geffen.

Slash's grandmother bought him his first guitar when he was 16.

Slash: The Early Years

In 1983, Slash formed Road Crew, with his friend Steven Adler and Duff McKagan, who they recruited through a newspaper advertisement. His next band, Black Sheep, shared an agent with another LA band, Hollywood Rose. When both bands opened for Stryper in 1984, Slash became friendly with Axl Rose, Hollywood Rose's lead singer. Axl eventually asked Slash and Adler to join a new band, Guns N' Roses.

Slash: The Guns N' Roses Years

Guns N' Roses were signed to Geffen Records at the start of their career and the band became notorious for their heavy-drinking rock 'n' roll lifestyle, as much as for their music. The best-known songs of their early career include 'Paradise City', 'Sweet Child O' Mine' and 'Welcome To The Jungle'.

In 1987, following the release of Appetite For Destruction, Slash was sent to rehab to cure his drug habit. Returning to form, the Use Your Illusion albums were released in 1991. Many critics hailed Slash's guitar work as the best of his career to date. The band undertook a 28-month tour to promote the albums and when the tour was finished, Slash was naturalised as an American citizen.

Axl Rose rejected much of the material that Slash submitted for the follow up to Use Your Illusion, so Slash formed the band Slash's Snakepit. Their debut album, It's Five O'clock Somewhere, was released in 1995, selling over a million copies in the US, despite little promotion from Geffen Records. In October 1996, Slash's official departure from Guns N' Roses was announced, via a fax sent by Axl to MTV.

Slash: Life After Guns N' Roses

As well as continuing with Slash's Snakepit, Slash also worked as a well-respected session musician, for Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, Insane Clown Posse, Stevie Wonder and Ronnie Wood.

Slash's Snakepit contributed several tracks to the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown and in 2000, released the second Snakepit album, Ain't Life Grand? The album achieved platinum status and Slash supported AC/DC on their 2000 world tour.

In 2002, Slash and Duff McKagan were reunited for a tribute concert for Randy Castillo. They decided to form a new band together and drafted in Keith Nelson and Josh Todd, both formerly of Buckcherry. The pair didn't last long and Slash and McKagan later recruited Dave Kushner and Stone Temple Pilots' Scott Weiland.

Slash: Velvet Revolver

Slash, McKagan, Weiland and Kushner eventually began rehearsing as a solid line-up and released their debut single 'Set Me Free' for the soundtrack to The Hulk. 20004 saw the release of Velvet Revolver's debut album, Contraband. The album achieved double-platinum status.

In 2007, Velvet Revolver's second album, Libertad was released and they embarked on a tour to support the album. In Glasgow, Weiland announced onstage that this was the band's "last ever tour". The rest of the band had not discussed this being their last ever tour and the incident was a major catalyst in Weiland's forced departure from the band.

Slash: Personal Life

Slash is married to Perla Ferrar. He has two sons with Ferrar, London Emilio and Cash Anthony.

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slash_es_sexy's picture


everything people say about slash is just a faggy thing he'f the king s**t of guitar and in his 40's and is still as hot as ever i think that all men should hope to loke as good as he does at that age!!!

8 years 5 months ago
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jess's picture


slash is da best guitarist eva nd da most sxciest eva he kant get any ya slash rock on 4eva xoxoxojess :)

7 years 1 month ago
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SLASHaHOLIC's picture


hey ppl just face it slash is 1 of the coolest and sexiest guitarists on the planet!!we all know hes done some stupid things in his lifetime but we also know hes done some amazing things aswell! he made up the riff to sweet child o mine as a joke!! and its 1 of the biggest rock anthems there is!now thats what i call PURE TALENT! hes aslo done other fantastic riffs and solos!!hes brilliant at what he does! and we all love him for that!i just want to say that imagine if slash wasnt a guitarist-how boring would the music business be!!! i hope for the best with VELVET REVOLVER! as they are the only REAL modern rock band and they still have that raw rock spirit in them!!! ROCK ON VR!-SLASH,DUFF,MATT,DAVE,AND SCOTT!!love ya all steph xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

8 years 9 months ago
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Viper's picture


Slash RocksSlash RulesSLASH IS GOD!That is the law of the Rock n Roll world;)Alice~*

8 years 5 months ago
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vesna mihaela basic's picture

vesna mihaela basic

happy birthday to you dear slash. let live many years that we can hear your amazing play guitar, the best in the world. have happiness, haealth and peace you an your family. please do something for reunion old guns because with old crew guns'n'roses are the best rock band on the world. i ask that from you and other members of group.your and old crew of guns'n'roses fan,vesna mihaela basicP.S.please send this message on propely email adress that slash can read her or send to me on what adress i can send him this message. thank regards,vesna mihaela basic

5 years 1 week ago
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bsviky's picture


I don't know why people dislike slash he is the godfather of guitarists he is the best

8 years 5 months ago
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sexyrobin76's picture


I've loved Slash since I was 15 when he first appered with G&R.Lets face it Slash made that band sure Axel has a good voice but hes a f##KING BASKET CASE.I suprised Slash hung in there as long as he did with his talent he can do anything as we've seen with Velvet Revolver.And yes he happens to also be one of the sexiest men alive.

5 years 6 months ago
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