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The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans

Video | 4th May 2010

Terrence McDonagh is a cop who's not really known for his courageous acts but when he sees a man drowning in a cell, he jumps to save him. His act of bravery might have won...

Tags: Nicolas Cage - Eva Mendes - Val Kilmer - Xzibit - Brad Dourif - Fairuza Balk

Public Enemies

Video | 17th March 2009

Watch the trailer for Public Enemies.Public Enemies was a name given to bank robbers and some of the most wanted criminals during the 1930's depression. John Herbert Dillinger was arguably the most wanted man in...

Tags: Johnny Depp - Marion Cotillard - Christian Bale - Billy Crudup - Channing Tatum - Leelee Sobieski

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Shawn Hatosy Interview

7th January 2009

Back in early 1998 a pair of young actors named Shawn Hatosy and Amy Smart...

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