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Romance & Rejection


Directed by Kevin W. Smith

Produced by

Screenwritten by Kevin W. Smith

Starring , , ,

Year - 1996 | Rated - NR

Review by Christopher Null - 2 out of 5

Hamlet (1996)

HAMLET (1996)

Directed by Richard Attenborough, Brian Blessed, Kenneth Branagh, Richard Briers, Julie Christie, Judi Dench, Gérard Depardieu, Reece Dinsdale, Ken Dodd, Rob Edwards, Nicholas Farrell, Ray Fearon, John Gielgud, Ravil Issyanov, Derek Jacobi, Jack Lemmon, Michael Maloney, Rufus Sewell, Timothy Spall, Robin Williams, Kate Winslet

Produced by

Screenwritten by


Year - 1996 | Rated - PG-13

Review by Christopher Null - 4 out of 5