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Hadouken! - Myspace Bleep Bleep Tour - Hadouken!, Ali Love, Pull Tiger Tail, Leeds Cockpit

by John McGee | Review | 26th March 2007

Myspace's 'Bleep Bleep'€™ Tour: Hadouken!, Ali Love, Pull Tiger TailLeeds CockpitLive Review'Bleep bleep ah uh ah uh a yeah a wha a bleep bleep a bleep beep weeeeeeeeeeh' is the sound of tonight. In a...

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Pull Tiger Tail - Mr 100 Percent

by Mark Moore | Review | 24th January 2007

Pull Tiger Tail Mr 100 PercentSingle ReviewPull Tiger Tail is an interesting name why that name who knows? All that is known about this trio is that they like tigers!! Panic At The Disco! are...

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