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by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 4th October 2012

For a time travel thriller, this film is remarkably free of head-scratching anomalies in the plot, instead concentrating on richly developed characters and goosebump-inducing action. This is an unusually intimate action blockbuster, which gives the...

Tags: Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Bruce Willis - Emily Blunt - Jeff Daniels - Paul Dano - Piper Perabo


Video | 4th September 2012

Joe Simmons is a looper from Kansas City in 2042; a hitman hired to assassinate victims sent to him by a gang of mobsters from thirty years into the future through the outlawed method of...

Tags: Bruce Willis - Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Emily Blunt - Paul Dano - Jeff Daniels - Noah Segan


Video | 9th December 2009

Trailer for the film CarriersWhen a pandemic virus escapes into the atmosphere, no one is safe. Brothers Danny and Brian believe they're able to avoid contracting the virus by setting out a few ground rules....

Tags: Lou Taylor Pucci - Chris Pine - Piper Perabo - Emily Vancamp

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