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A Little Chaos

Video | 19th December 2014

In the palace of Versailles, a tremendous garden is maintained. One day, the builder and head gardener sees an ordinary woman arriving at the palace, and, throwing aside ideas of conformity, chooses to rearrange some...

Tags: Kate Winslet - Matthias Schoenaerts - Alan Rickman - Stanley Tucci - Helen McCrory - Jennifer Ehle


Video | 5th July 2011

14-year-old Arrietty Clock and her family live under the floorboards of a house in western Tokyo. They are 'tiny people' - or borrowers - whose survival depends on 'borrowing' things that humans won't miss, such...

Tags: Saoirse Ronan - Tom Holland - Mark Strong - Olivia Colman - Phyllida Law - Geraldine McEwan

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