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Patrick Swayze Biography

Patrick Swayze (born 18.8.1952) (died 14.9.2009)

Patrick Swayze is an American actor. His most famous film appearances are the lead roles that he played in Dirty Dancing and Ghost.

Patrick Swayze: Childhood

Patrick Swayze was born and raised in Houston, Texas. His father Jessie, was an engineering drafter. His mother Patsy was a choreographer and dance instructor.

Swayze attended the St Rose of Lima Catholic School, Oak Forest Elementary School, Black Middle School and Waltrip High School. Swayze took part in a number of school plays and also studied gymnastics for two years. He later toured as Prince Charming in the Disney on Ice show. He moved to New York in 1972, where he studied at the Harkness Ballet School and Joffrey Ballet School.

Patrick Swayze: Performing Career

Swayze's Broadway debut was as Danny Zuko in the stage version of Grease. This was followed by his film debut as Ace in the film Skatetown U.S.A. in 1979. Swayze then appeared in a number of successful films such as The Outsiders (1983), Red Dawn (1984), and Youngblood (1986). Swayze's television appearances around this time include a role in an episode of M*A*S*H and the American Civil War drama, North and South, which was Swayze's first breakthrough success.

The film Dirty Dancing, released in 1987 was the venture that really propelled Patrick Swayze to super-stardom. His dance skills came in handy for the film, in which he starred alongside Jennifer Grey. The film was originally intended for a short-term cinema release but became a surprise success. To date, the film has earned over $300 million and was the first ever feature film to sell a million video copies. The film earned Patrick Swayze his first Golden Globe nomination. The song 'She's Like The Wind', from the soundtrack, was sung by Swayze and became a Top 10 hit.

Three years later, Swayze found himself starring in another international hit when he starred in Ghost alongside Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. The next year, he joined up with his co-star in Youngblood, Keanu Reeves in Point Break, a big-budget action film.

In 1996, Swayze broke both his legs and detached four tendons in his shoulder whilst filming Letters from a Killer. The accident happened when he fell from a horse and hit a tree. Although the filming was eventually completed, Swayze struggled to fully resume his acting career until 2000. That year, he starred alongside Billy Bob Thornton and Charlize Theron in the film Waking Up in Reno. He also co-starred with Melanie Griffith in Forever Lulu.

The successful indie film, Donnie Darko (2001), featured Patrick Swayze, as well as Drew Barrymore and Jake Gyllenhaal. A few years' later in 2004, Swayze had a cameo role as a dance instructor in the Dirty Dancing sequel, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

His London stage debut came in 2006 when he appeared in Guys and Dolls between July and November. The next year, Swayze returned to the movie world, appearing in the film Christmas in Wonderland and filmed Powder Blue, in which he plays an ageing rock star. His brother, Don Swayze also appears in the film. It was the brothers' first film appearance together.

Patrick Swayze: Personal Life

Patrick Swayze married Lisa Niemi in 1975. The couple remain married.

Swayze lost his father in 1982 and 12 years later, his sister Vicky also passed away. The incidents caused him to start drinking heavily and following his sister's death he sought treatment for alcoholism. Following his recovery, he ceased his acting work and retreated to his ranches in New Mexico and California, where he breeds horses. However, in June 2000, Swayze suffered a minor crash in his small aircraft. Before calling the police, he asked a member of the public to help him to remove an open bottle of wine and several cans of beer from the aircraft. Witnesses claimed that Swayze appeared to be intoxicated. It was later claimed that the alcohol was in a storage compartment and that the intoxicated state was due to the hypoxia caused by the swift descent.

In January 2008, Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. He has been undergoing chemotherapy at the Stanford University Medical Research Center. It has been reported that Swayze continued to smoke cigarettes, even after his diagnosis of cancer. Swayze continued to act in TV and Film roles whilst suffering with illness.

On September 14th 2009 Patrick Swayze lost his battle with cancer. On the same day TV Chef Keith Floyd died of a heart attack.

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atmosphere fans continue to lay flowers in tribute
atmosphere fans continue to lay flowers in tribute
atmosphere fans continue to lay flowers in tribute
atmosphere fans continue to lay flowers in tribute
atmosphere fans continue to lay flowers in tribute

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Lucylancer's picture


It is Wednesday th 14th sept here in tassie. I just wanted to say it is memorium time again for Patrick and it is still a sad time. I still watch Dirty Dancing just to see what a beautiful dancer, family man that he was. May he live forever in everyones memory until the day his fans pass away. He may be gone but never forgotten

2 years 7 months ago
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june m's picture

june m

Patrick Swayze was such a nice person, handsome, good actor, dancer he had everything.I will miss you Patrick Peace to your wifeJune

4 years 7 months ago
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Eric352's picture


Dear Patrick and Family,I sit here with tears running down my cheek because I lost my mother and best friend in the world to this damm cancer. There is no one that loves you more then family. I just wanted to agree to the respond you gave about the Inquirer. That is so terrible of this magizine to report false information. I think there should be a law against that. I read this and it effected my hole day. I thought of you and my mother. and how we as a family dealt with her cancer. If I were God, we would be living in a world where harmony,love and compassion,understanding, and forgiveness would be at the top of importantance in everyones life. Where there would be no illiness. Only sadiness at which we would be able to learn from and correct over time. My prayer to you and all who have this cancer is for God to give you the srength and healing power to become cancer free. Stay focused and be around loved ones at all time. God will let you know when its time to come home. know that he will gives you the choice in the exact time you want to leave though. My mother chose to left at the monent her children were all around her bedside and laughing at memories of our funloving childhood. Patrick I have the utmost respect for you and your family. You like Michael Landon are idols of mine. It seems pretty crazy you both have/had the same cancer. God please give this family a good nights sleep and a renewed spirit for there hearts and souls. Please bless them and keep them strong and full of love, make sure they know its time express the love from the hearts to eachother. Please give Patrick the strength to fight this Illiness. It is to early in his life to take him Father. Please cure him and let him tell his story to the world in hopes it will have a possitive impact on your world. we need to be more compassionate toward eachothers feelings and I am sure he will have the influeance it takes to make that happen. Let him tell the world how he was cured by you. We need to hear possitive loving miracles about your forgiveness and love to help heal all of us and teach us to love one another. He is loved by millions and known by even more. In your name I pray Amen.

5 years 1 month ago
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TLynn's picture


Hello Patrick,I forgot to put in my current message how you can reach me. I also want you to know my cancer research is ongoing as we speak and I have questions being answered by experts in the fields I had concerns on when researching that had me floored. Please take the time to read my blogs I have on myspace that is dedicated to helping others with cancer. I'm in hopes that my research will help others. So feel free to contact me or have your advocate contact me.Here is my page you can reach me through. give up Faith = Hope My Friend.I'm a 11year Cancer Survivor From Cervical Cancer.

5 years 7 months ago
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Princessgod's picture


Hi Patrick!p.s. first - Keep on smokin' - it's one of the things that keeps me goin' too! I heard it said that a few decades ago,none of us existed - and a few decades from now,(or less),none of us will exist again.Our natural 'state' is 'nonexisting spirit' and we all are here just on a short 'vacation.'My prayer for you is to be as painfree as possible during this illness,so you can enjoy whatever 'vacation' you have left.You have always been one of my favorites and if you read this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my life.Your movies have made my 'vacation' so much more enjoyable.I send you love and I hope to meet you someday when we are both back in 'nonexistance'.Enjoy every second ,my friend. Donna

5 years 1 month ago
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Dawn Campbell's picture

Dawn Campbell

ALL MY THOUGHTS ARE WITH YOU,,,i cry when i see you like this it hurts me so,,that yr haveing to go through this ,,its not fare,,cause you are one of the good people that are in this world,,cause theres not very many out there,,i beleive you are a very strong & yr wife is strong to be by yr side,,we all love you as much as she does,,,yes im one of the crazy ones that ,,get excited everytime yr movies are on,,just to watch you in action,,most of us wish we were BABY in DIRTY DANCING,,,thats my favorite movie,,also road house,,too,,my prays are with you & yr wife,,,,,DAWN CAMPBELL,, in KENTUCKY

5 years 4 weeks ago
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Rev. Harold E. Banarsee's picture

Rev. Harold E. ...

This is for Patrick.I do understand the fear that lurks within you & the question your'e wrestling with "Why me". My friend,this is the age old question,'why do bad things happen to good people". If you were to look at Luke 13: 1-9 in the bible, Jesus answered this question. I would be glad to give you some insight for practical application on this issue so you would be able to deal with the challenge from a biblical perspective. Jesus is still performing miracles today, I see it all the time.Praying for you,Pastor Banarsee

5 years 3 months ago
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sunshine69's picture


he was one the greatest star of all time to the end. brave, charming. will miss him. god bless him

4 years 7 months ago
View Comments's picture

mr. & mrs. swayze, I have been looking into all break through medical issues trying to find out what was wrong with my own physical condition [I am the husband of betty]What I`ve found that could be of some help to you[I am not a doctor] The cell in-between the eyes is concidered a cure for my veins above the heart and by injecting my cell into the heart the cell grows new veins.Your cells are a cure.And two they have taken death stalker poison [thats a scorpion] and have injected it into brain cancer patients,which should just end lives in a short time yet the pioson goes like a silver bullet right to the cancer and then light radiation eradicates it.Good luck on your mission to success in the cancer world.And gleevec and sutent are cancer drugs that after given to mice which were insulin dependant no longer need take insulin even ten weeks after being taken off the drugs no side effects and have been known to cure all kinds of other cancers.Here`s to you in the great unknown to go where no man has gone Before I Pray the you will the c-u-r-e Is at hand tc.Tracy

5 years 3 months ago
View Comments's picture

Death Stalker Scorpion Poison goes like a silver bullet right to the cancer then light radiation it gets erradicated To Go Where no man has gone before Good-luck on your mission the mission is yours Love is helping others,I am not a doctor look to the southern states and no there is a c-u-r-e!!

5 years 3 months ago
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