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just wanted to vent about the ozzfest show at the germain amphitheater in columbus ohio. it was not posted that you couldn't reenter the venue if you left for any reason. coolers were not allowed, therefore, many brought coolers and kept them in their vehicles. the temperature outside was 90+ so food and drink was a must for a show of this length. Germain Amphitheater posted on their website that you could bring in up to a 1.5 liter factory sealed bottle. when it was time to enter, this somehow changed to no larger than 1 liter. people were made to down their drink or forgo them.(ironically enough, the size was also changed on their site at some point just before the concert. I for one don't have internet access in my vehicle along with many others..duh) only once inside the gate when it was too late, were the signs saying you were not allowed to re enter if you left...this was stated nowhere on their web. many brought coolers to keep in their vehicle then had no access to them. some who didn't bring enough money for Germain's overpriced food and drink had to leave without getting to see ozzy because of the heat. i really hope ozzy gets the news that Germain went out of their way to ruin his wonderful event for some

6 years 8 months ago
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