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Oscar Isaac Hernandez (born 9th March 1979)
Oscar Isaac is a Latin American actor and singer.

Oscar Isaac: Early Life
Isaac is an evangelical protestant of Guatemalan descent, his mother is from Guatemala and his father is a Pulmonologist from Cuba. He was raised in Miami, Florida. Hernandez played in a band as the lead guitarist and vocalist; their name was The Blinking Underdogs.

Oscar Isaac: Career
His first break as an actor came in the film 'The Nativity Story' opposite Keisha Castle-Hughes. He then got a part in 'Guerrilla' which is part two of the film 'Che'.
Isaac also played Prince John in 2010 film 'Robin Hood'.
In September 2011, Isaac starred as a security guard in a film directed by Madonna called 'W.E', he then followed up with a small role in the film 'Drive' starring Ryan Gosling.
Isaac went on to star in a film called '10 Years', playing a musician. Two of his own songs were included in the film and were added to the soundtrack.
He made an appearance in the hit television series 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent'. Isaac played the lead protagonist Romeo in Public Theatre's 'Shakespeare in the Park'. He also had a role in Shakespearean play 'Two Gentlemen of Verona'.
Isaac replaced Javier Bardem in 2013 for the film 'A Most Violent Year', opposite Jessica Chastain. In the same year, Isaac starred in the Coen Brothers film 'Inside Llewyn Davis' alongside Carey Mulligan and John Goodman. The film earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor among several other film festival accolades.

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