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'Diana' Critical Mauling "Devastating" For Director, Likened To Hitler Movie

by Lauren James | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 4th October 2013

In the wake of some truly scathing reviews towards his latest movie, Diana director Oliver Hirschbiegel has spoken out against a tidal wave of bad press that slated his movie, his actors, his directing and...

Tags: Naomi Watts - Oliver Hirschbiegel - Diana Princess Of Wales

Read Diana Director, Oliver Hirschbiegel's Response to Overwhelmingly Bad Reviews

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 3rd October 2013

It’s pretty fair to say that Diana – the film – was an unmitigated disaster. It would actually be quite unfair to say anything else. But while the critics were bashing away at their keyboard,...

Tags: Naomi Watts - Oliver Hirschbiegel - Diana Princess Of Wales

Controversial "Diana" Gets Ripped Apart By Critics, Despite Hesitant Defence From Naomi Watts

by Victoria Pavlova | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 8th September 2013

Some old questions are raised again this week with the release of Diana, starring Naomi Watts. The film - directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel - focuses of the final years of Diana’s life, her relationships with...

Tags: Naomi Watts - Oliver Hirschbiegel

Naomi Watts Walks Out of Mark Kermode Interview Under 'Diana' Questioning

by Michael West | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 5th September 2013

It's probably not unfair to suggest there hasn't been fevered anticipation to Oliver Hirschbiegel's new movie Diana, starring Naomi Watts as the late Princess. Sure, we were all vaguely intrigued when the first stills rolled...

Tags: Naomi Watts - Oliver Hirschbiegel


Video | 7th August 2013

Princess Diana was most definitely one of the most famous and inspirational women in the world, known to all as the People's Princess. Never seduced by the lure of wealth, fame and royalty, she lived...

Tags: Naomi Watts - Naveen Andrews - Douglas Hodge - Geraldine James - Daniel Pirrie - Cas Anvar

Diana: New Film Brings 'The Peoples' Princess' Back To Life [Trailer]

by Lauren James | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 12th June 2013

Naomi Watts As Princess DianaThe famously coiffed Princess, born Diana Francis Spencer, was born into aristocracy but came under the attention of the world's media when she married the heir to the British throne, Prince...

Tags: Diana Princess Of Wales - Naomi Watts - Oliver Hirschbiegel - Prince Charles


Video | 12th June 2013

Princess Diana was known across the world as the 'People's Princess'. Her beauty, dignity and grace, not to mention outstanding generosity led her to be one of the most loved people in the world. The...

Tags: Naomi Watts - Cas Anvar - Juliet Stevenson - Naveen Andrews - Lee Asquith-Coe - Douglas Hodge

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