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Lea Michele

Nine Black Alps Nine Black Alps Announce New Album 'Candy For The Clowns' In The UK On The 21st April 2014

2nd April 2014 15:09

After a 3 year wait Nine Black Alps finally returned in October 2012 with their fourth studio album 'Sirens. Now...

Lea Michele

Nine Black Alps Brawlers Announce UK Spring Summer 2014 Tour With Nine Black Alps Plus String Of UK Festival Appearances

2nd April 2014 11:16

Having released their debut EP 'I Am A Worthless Piece of Shit' via Alcopop! Brawlers have just announced that they...

Lea Michele

Nine Black Alps Nine Black Alps To Release New Album 'Candy For The Clowns' On 21st April 2014 Plus UK Tour Dates

5th March 2014 13:59

Manchester based grunge rockers Nine Black Alps who returned in 2012 with their recent album 'Sirens' are back again in...


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