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Video | 21st May 2013

Ex-convict Richard B. Riddick is back and more formidable than ever before. He is alone after being left for dead on a burning planet (not for the first time) but, as he is preyed upon...

Tags: Vin Diesel - Karl Urban - Katee Sackhoff - Dave Bautista - Nolan Gerard Funk - Jordi Molla

White House Down

Video | 3rd April 2013

When USCP officer John Cale is turned down as he applies for a highly coveted role in the Secret Service, he is devastated but cannot find it in himself to disappoint his young daughter Emily...

Tags: Channing Tatum - Jamie Foxx - Jason Clarke - Joey King - Maggie Gyllenhaal - James Woods


Video | 20th March 2013

Ben Logan is a seemingly well-respected former CIA operative working at Halgate Security Systems. His life seems to be going great with him even gaining contact with his estranged daughter Amy. However, when he drops...

Tags: Aaron Eckhart - Olga Kurylenko - Liana Liberato - Neil Napier - Kate Linder

Upside Down

Video | 29th January 2013

Adam lives in the only solar system that has two twin planets with opposite gravitational pulls. The Down world is the poorer, underclass world that resides below the Up world; a upper class, corporate world...

Tags: Kirsten Dunst - Jim Sturgess - Neil Napier - John MacLaren - Don Jordan


Video | 10th January 2012

Immortals follows the epic tale of a blood-thirsty King, Hyperion as his brutal and murderous army travel throughout Greece, destroying everything in their path with a ruthless efficiency. As a string of villages fall to...

Tags: Henry Cavill - Mickey Rourke - Freida Pinto - Stephen Dorff - John Hurt - Isabel Lucas

Source Code

Video | 25th January 2011

Captain Colter Stevens is a respected soldier and is involved in a government project set up as a counter terrorist strategy. The science is new and it's very experimental but scientists have found they can...

Tags: Jake Gyllenhaal - Michelle Monaghan - Vera Farmiga - Jeffrey Wright - Russell Peters - Cas Anvar

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