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WELL,WELL,WELL...What i have to say about her?She´s 36 yars old but looks 28,28...She´s so sweet and prety and more than this She´s my favourite actress...All most of her movies are famouse since molholland drive...and in it she´s allways great...

9 years 6 months ago
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Having watched king kong made me like Naomi much better..Ever since i have seen her in movies, i felt like she is everyone's star.She is adorable, beautiful, simple and humble. I LOVE her very much..I haven't even herd her talking about guys so, that means she is really waitng for the right guy to come to her life. or maybe there is already.I hope it would not break my heart.Anyways..I just wish i could meet her someday even if she is famous an i am not.Luv U!

8 years 10 months ago
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