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Life of Crime

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 4th September 2014

Although the plot itself is nothing special, this kidnapping comedy keeps the audience entertained by filling every scene with outrageous characters and twisty interaction. Based on an Elmore Leonard book, this free-wheeling movie is such...

Tags: Jennifer Aniston - John Hawkes - Mos Def - Tim Robbins - Isla Fisher - Mark Boone Junior

Begin Again

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 4th July 2014

Fans of the Oscar-winning 2006 Irish film Once (and its more recent stage-musical adaptation) may find this American drama a little derivative, but it's a strong story in its own right. This time writer-director John...

Tags: Keira Knightley - Mark Ruffalo - Hailee Steinfeld - James Corden - Catherine Keener - Adam Levine

Jennifer Aniston Is The Unwanted Hostage In 'Life of Crime' [Trailer]

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 22nd May 2014

Life of Crime sees Jennifer Aniston put in the awkward position of unwanted hostage; her husband (Tim Robbins) wants rid so won’t put up the ransom, and the kidnappers have a dud payload on...

Tags: Jennifer Aniston - Tim Robbins - Mos Def

Life Of Crime

Video | 22nd May 2014

Frank Dawson is a filthy rich, arrogant real estate developer who regularly takes 'business trips' in order to continue an affair with his young lover Melanie Ralston. During one of his trips away, his wife...

Tags: Jennifer Aniston - Mos Def - Isla Fisher - Will Forte - Tim Robbins - Mark Boone Junior

Begin Again

Video | 23rd April 2014

Dan Mulligan is a former record executive who has just been spectacularly dismissed by the label he was employed by. Now penniless with nowhere to go and no-one to talk to apart from his hormonal...

Tags: Mark Ruffalo - Keira Knightley - Hailee Steinfeld - Catherine Keener - Adam Levine - James Corden

Toronto Film Festival To Open With WikiLeaks Movie 'The Fifth Estate' [Trailer]

by Joe Wilde | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 23rd July 2013

The Fifth Estate, the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring biopic of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, will be the opening film at at this years annual Toronto International Film Festival. The film festival will also feature advanced screenings of...

Tags: Benedict Cumberbatch - John Hawkes - Mos Def - Jennifer Aniston - Steve McQueen - Chiwetel Ejiofor

Mos Def Is Force Fed In Solidarity With Guantánamo Detainees [Video]

by Lauren James | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 9th July 2013

Some celebrities lend their name to campaigns and will occasionally 'retweet' a good cause but singer Mos Def, more recently known as Yasiin Bey, has taken political rallying to the extreme by volunteering to undergo...

Tags: Mos Def - Gorillaz

Rapper Yasiin Bey (AKA Mos Def) Force-Fed Under Guantanamo Bay Conditions In Protest Video

by Joe Wilde | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 8th July 2013

Yasiin Bey, the rapper, actor and activist also known as Mos Def, has appeared in a video that shows him being force fed as part of a protest video aimed at ending the US' policy...

Tags: Mos Def

Mos Def's Guantanamo Bay Treatment - Rapper Endures Force Feeding

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 8th July 2013

In an experiment designed to reveal the true extent of what Guantanamo Bay prisoners are going through, Yasiin Bey – better known by his previous rap pseudonym Mos Def – underwent the mandatory, standard practice...

Tags: Mos Def - Barack Obama

Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap

Video | 12th November 2012

Hip hop has always been more of a culture than just a genre of music. It represents a huge portion of the marginalised world of America and how they managed to create something from nothing;...

Tags: Common - Ice Cube - Chuck D - Mos Def - Snoop Dogg - Dr Dre

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