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I just don't get it. The flute rift is incidental to the song and is merely an obbligato. The fivenotes are used only as a scale or mode and has norelevance to the 1934 nursery song, "Kookaburra sitsin the old gum tree" This is a Native Bird in Aus-tralia and the scale that is used in "Down Under" is the same notes that the Kookaburra that the Bird chirps. The Kookaburra actually composed the shortrift and thus the Australian Kookaburra owns the Copyrights to the birdcall. The lady that used theBirdcall in her 1934 nursery song actually stole therift from the Kookaburra. Noone can Copyright a BirdCall as it origin is directly from the Kookaburra and thus remains the property of the Kookaburra. The1934 nursery song is actually stolen from the songentitled "Camptown Races" and "We Still Call Aus-tralia Home" is stolen from the folk song entitled "Waltzing Matilda" "Memory" from "Cats" is stolen from Ravel's Bolero. There are similarities in every song and that is why noone can Copyright the Kookaburra's Birdcall which is composed by the BirdIt is only incidental and only an obbligato which recreates the sound made by the Kookabura...M.H.

4 years 12 months ago
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