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As an actor, Brando was once considered a genius. Nowadays, he's just a creepy obese man who seems more than a little crazy. Evidently one of his best friends is Michael Jackson. Need we say more? There's also his infamous April 1996 appearance on Larry King's cable interview show, when Brando went off on an insensitive (and many assumed antisemitic) tangent about the people who control Tinseltown:

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hollywood presbyterian hospital where christian bra
hollywood presbyterian hospital where christian bra
hollywood presbyterian hospital where christian bra
hollywood presbyterian hospital where christian bra
a marlon brando western union telegram to michael j

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devil's advocate's picture

devil's advocate

In the New York Daily News, Christian Brando denied having anything to do with the stealing or selling of Marlon Brando's rolodex. Granted, it's just his word against whomever said that he did sell it, but it's good to hear both sides. (Incidentally, since this story didn't appear in any major papers or industry online sources, I've wondered how accurate the whole story could be.) And the fact that the whole Bonnie Lee Bakley debacle still sticks in his craw ain't all that surprising; most people don't like to be accused of things they ain't done. If he's sitting around ruminating on it, that's one thing, but if he's just saying it still bugs him, that's another.

7 years 7 months ago
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Homenaked's picture


Christian Brando you need to grow-up!! You're 48 yrs. old and still an inmature child. How could you disrespect your father's memory by the selfish, child-like pranks you pull? Selling the personal information of the people that trusted your dad with it, is going too far. You sold that info to be spiteful. And for what? You don't need the money?!? So your life isn't perfect. Well, get over it. And,welcome to the club.We all have our crosses to bare.But, NOT in public. Whatever happens in the family, should STAY in the family!!

7 years 7 months ago
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Mathias's picture


Who wants to buy marlon brando stuff? i have pictures of him by camara ;)

4 years 11 months ago
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