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Third Person

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 6th November 2014

There are moments when this three-strand drama almost ascends to the emotional resonance of writer-director Paul Haggis' Oscar-winning 2004 movie Crash. Perhaps even more ambitious, this film is exploring issues of creativity, attraction and grief,...

Tags: Liam Neeson - Mila Kunis - Adrien Brody - Olivia Wilde - James Franco - Moran Atias

McFarland USA

Video | 4th November 2014

In 1987, Jim White (Kevin Costner) moved to McFarland in the San Joaquin Valley, Kern County, California, and what he found there shocked him. The city appeared to be a predominately Latino ghetto of sorts,...

Tags: Kevin Costner - Morgan Saylor - Maria Bello - Vincent Martella - Elsie Fisher - Mariann Gavelo

'Third Person': Check Out The Trailer For Paul Haggis' "Russian Doll" Drama

by Lauren James | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 22nd May 2014

The release of Paul Haggis' unique new drama, Third Person, is looming and fans can finally check out the trailer for the movie that had critics' heads spinning at the Toronto International Film Festival last...

Tags: Liam Neeson - Mila Kunis - James Franco - Adrien Brody - Olivia Wilde - Moran Atias

Third Person

Video | 22nd May 2014

Love is never uncomplicated and when a third person gets involved, it can make things even more difficult. Michael is an award-winning novelist who has left his wife for a much younger lover. He is...

Tags: Liam Neeson - Mila Kunis - James Franco - Kim Basinger - Adrien Brody - Olivia Wilde

Jessica Chastain And Maria Bello Look Like Seasonal Opposites At The National Board Of Review Awards Gala - Part 1

Footage | 14th January 2014

'Zero Dark Thirty' star Jessica Chastain and 'Prisoners' actress Maria Bello are spotted arriving at the 2014 National Board Of Review Awards Gala in New York where they pose for photographers before the event begins.The...

Tags: Jessica Chastain - Maria Bello

Maria Bello, Clare Munn: How The Best Friends Fell In Love

by Holly Williams | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 3rd December 2013

Maria Bello has become the latest of several celebrities to have come out this year and, in an article this week, revealed the struggles with her sexuality and how she explained to her son that...

Tags: Maria Bello - Tom Daley

Maria Bello Reveals She Is In A Long-Term Relationship With Another Women

by Nick Hill | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 2nd December 2013

American actress Maria Bello has revealed that she is gay and has been in a longtime relationship with another women.The 46 year-old wrote a very personal article in the ‘Modern Love’ section for The New...

Tags: Maria Bello


by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 26th September 2013

What makes this thriller extraordinary is its willingness to make us scratch our heads and ask questions as the tense, fable-like story patiently unfolds. This creates an almost unbearably involving vibe, from the slow-burn pacing...

Tags: Hugh Jackman - Jake Gyllenhaal - Terrence Howard - Viola Davis - Maria Bello - Melissa Leo

'Prisoners', Prior To US Release, Receives "Grim" But Glowing Reviews

by Elinor Cosgrave | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 20th September 2013

Prisoners has already been earmarked as a Box Office favourite, prior to its US release. Hugh Jackman stars in the thriller as Keller Dover, a man whose six-year-old daughter, Anna, and her friend go missing....

Tags: Hugh Jackman - Jake Gyllenhaal - Maria Bello

Maria Bello Arrives at 13th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree At The Mondrian Hotel - Part Nine

Footage | 16th August 2013

American Actress Maria Bello known for her high profile, violent films such as: A History of Violence, Payback and Secret Window happily signed autographs for fans before quickly posing for photographers. The critically acclaimed actress...

Tags: Maria Bello

Grown Ups 2

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 8th August 2013

There was nothing remotely notable about 2010's Grown Ups, and now we have a sequel that's even lazier. Without any actual plot to speak of, the movie merely strings together a series of unfunny scenes...

Tags: Adam Sandler - Kevin James - Chris Rock - David Spade - Salma Hayek - Maya Rudolph

Hard-Hitting Crime Drama 'Prisoners' Sees Hugh Jackman On Top Form [Trailer]

by Michael West | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 3rd June 2013

The trailer for Denis Villeneuve's hard-hitting crime-drama Prisoners has rolled out online, showing Hugh Jackman in his first post-Les Miserables role, and a good one at that. The Australian plays Keller Dover, a regular guy...

Tags: Hugh Jackman - Jake Gyllenhaal - Maria Bello - Viola Davis - Terrence Howard


Video | 3rd June 2013

Keller Dover is just a regular guy from Boston who goes with his wife Grace and six-year-old daughter Anna to their neighbours' house on what seems like a routine social occasion. No parent blinks an...

Tags: Hugh Jackman - Jake Gyllenhaal - Paul Dano - Maria Bello - Terrence Howard - Viola Davis

Beautiful Boy

Video | 15th June 2011

In recent times Kate and Bill's marriage has been a little fragile. Both are committed to their jobs and their 18 year old son, Sam, is spending less and less time in the family home;...

Tags: Michael Sheen - Maria Bello - Alan Tudyk - Moon Bloodgood - Austin Nichols - Kyle Gallner


Video | 20th April 2011

Nathan Harper is a popular kid, he's on the school wrestling team and like most teenagers, knows how to party but he's also always had a feeling of doubt in his life, just something in...

Tags: Taylor Lautner - Lily Collins - Alfred Molina - Jason Isaacs - Maria Bello - Michael Nyqvist

Grown Ups

Video | 15th February 2010

Watch the trailer for Grown Ups When a group of friends learn of the passing of their former basketball coach who took their school team to win the championships they decide to reunite the...

Tags: Adam Sandler - Kevin James - Chris Rock - Rob Schneider - David Spade - Salma Hayek

The Yellow Handkerchief

Video | 17th November 2009

Watch the trailer for The Yellow Handkerchief Three very different people find themselves in one and others company on a road trip each travelling to find something missing in their lives. Gordy is a teenage...

Tags: Kristen Stewart - William Hurt - Eddie Redmayne - Maria Bello - Udayan Prasad

Brendan Fraser, Interview

Interview | 13th August 2008

Tags: Brendan Fraser - John Hannah - Maria Bello

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