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Fifty Shades Of Grey - Fairy Tale TV Spot

Video | 14th January 2015

Sometimes, a single favour to a friend can end up changing you entirely. When a young literature student, Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) attends an interview on behalf of her sick friend, she is totally unaware...

Tags: Jamie Dornan - Dakota Johnson - Jennifer Ehle - Max Martini - Luke Grimes - Eloise Mumford

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Video | 17th November 2014

Budding journalist and college student Anastasia Steele has never been the adventurous type in any respect, so when she is faced with the prospect of interviewing the handsome and frighteningly mysterious young entrepreneur Christian Grey,...

Tags: Jamie Dornan - Dakota Johnson - Valerie Tian - Max Martini - Luke Grimes - Eloise Mumford

Elsa & Fred

Video | 24th September 2014

Fred Barcroft is an old man struggling to find much good in his life following the death of his wife. While he feels terribly lonely, he hates being around people, and while he despises the...

Tags: Christopher Plummer - Shirley Maclaine - Marcia Gay Harden - Scott Bakula - Chris Noth - George Segal

Magic in the Moonlight

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 22nd September 2014

After the high of last year's Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen is back in playful mode for this rather goofy comedy, which only works for audience members willing to abandon their cynicism and just go with...

Tags: Colin Firth - Emma Stone - Eileen Atkins - Hamish Linklater - Simon McBurney - Jacki Weaver

You're Not You

Video | 3rd September 2014

When Kate (Hillary Swank), a concert pianist, is diagnosed with ALS (also known as Motor Neurone Disease or Lou Gehrig’s Disease), she realsised that not only does she have to give up on her career,...

Tags: Hilary Swank - Josh Duhamel - Emmy Rossum - Ali Larter - Marcia Gay Harden - Julian McMahon

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Video | 24th July 2014

Anastasia Steele is a shy college student who is forced to interview an enigmatic entrepreneur named Christian Grey. Their first meeting doesn't go as well as planned and subsequently she is shocked when it appears...

Tags: Jamie Dornan - Dakota Johnson - Jennifer Ehle - Max Martini - Luke Grimes - Eloise Mumford

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Video | 21st July 2014

When young college student Anastasia Steele meets a mysterious wealthy businessman named Christian Grey, she had no idea she'd be embarking on the sexual adventure of her lifetime. While he makes it clear that he's...

Tags: Jamie Dornan - Dakota Johnson - Jennifer Ehle - Max Martini - Luke Grimes - Eloise Mumford

Magic In The Moonlight

Video | 23rd May 2014

Stanley is a talented magician who goes by the name of Wei Ling Soo professionally, and he is also a renowned cynic. One day, an associate enlists him to help him expose a self-proclaimed spirit...

Tags: Emma Stone - Colin Firth - Marcia Gay Harden - Jacki Weaver - Hamish Linklater - Eileen Atkins

'Magic In The Moonlight': Woody Allen's New Muse Emma Stone Dazzles In Enchanting New Dramedy

by Lauren James | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 22nd May 2014

The trailer has been released for Woody Allen's bewitching new comedy drama, Magic in the Moonlight, which stars The Amazing Spider-Man's Emma Stone alongside The King's Speech star Colin Firth in a movie set in...

Tags: Emma Stone - Colin Firth - Woody Allen - Hamish Linklater - Simon McBurney - Marcia Gay Harden

Who's Who In Fifty Shades Of Grey [Pictures]

by Elinor Cosgrave | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 26th January 2014

E.L. James' bestselling trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey has become a cultural phenomenon since the publication of the first instalment in 2011. The trilogy is being adapted into a series of films which, despite the...

Tags: Jamie Dornan - Dakota Johnson - Jennifer Ehle - Max Martini - Rita Ora - Marcia Gay Harden


by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 21st November 2013

This starry drama has documentary realism going for it, although without a single well-developed character it never finds any resonance. By recounting JFK's assassination from a variety of previously unseen angles, we learn some new...

Tags: Zac Efron - James Badge Dale - Paul Giamatti - Billy Bob Thornton - Ron Livingston - Colin Hanks


Video | 30th September 2013

On November 22nd 1963 in Dallas, Texas, the hugely adored President John F. Kennedy was shot to death as he arrived in the city with First Lady Jackie Kennedy. A women's clothing manufacturer named Abraham...

Tags: Paul Giamatti - Billy Bob Thornton - Zac Efron - Tom Welling - Ron Livingston - James Badge Dale

Parkland Offers Fresh Perspective On JFK's Shooting - [Trailer + Poster]

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 28th August 2013

As we approach the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s fatal shooting, commemorative programming is inevitable. Parkland tells the story of Abraham Zapruder – the amateur photographer who inadvertently caught the day’s tragic events on...

Tags: Zac Efron - Paul Giamatti - Billy Bob Thornton - Marcia Gay Harden


Video | 28th August 2013

When Abraham Zapruder, a women's clothing manufacturer from Texas, excitedly set up his camera to record the grand arrival of the much-loved President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy in Dallas on November...

Tags: Paul Giamatti - Billy Bob Thornton - Zac Efron - Tom Welling - Ron Livingston - James Badge Dale

James Gandolfini's Funeral - Who Was In Attendance?

by Elinor Cosgrave | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 27th June 2013

The funeral of Soprano's star James Gandolfini was held today (27th June 2013) at St John the Divine Catholic Church in New York. A private wake was held yesterday (Wednesday 26th June) in New Jersey...

Tags: James Gandolfini - Steve Buscemi - Alec Baldwin - Patricia Arquette - Marcia Gay Harden - Vince Gilligan

Russell Crowe And RZA Pose Together At The World Premiere Of 'Man of Steel' - Part 1

Footage | 13th June 2013

'Gladiator' star Russell Crowe, who plays Superman's biological father in 'Man Of Steel', was spotted posing next to rapper RZA at the movie's world premiere at Alice Tully Hall at the Lincoln Center in New...

Tags: Russell Crowe - RZA - Hans Zimmer - Antje Traue - Christopher Meloni - Marcia Gay Harden


Video | 13th March 2012

Henry Barthes is a highly recommended substitute teacher, a compliment he doesn't really accept. His latest job is subbing at an inner city high school for a month, where exam grades are slipping; the pupils...

Tags: Adrien Brody - Christina Hendricks - Bryan Cranston - James Caan - Lucy Liu - Blythe Danner

Whip It

Video | 10th February 2010

Watch the trailer for Whip ItThe small town of Bodeen, Texas doesn't exactly have a lot to offer teenagers and Bliss Cavendar is just one of the many girls trying to find their own way...

Tags: Ellen Page - Juliette Lewis - Alia Shawkat - Drew Barrymore - Marcia Gay Harden - Kristen Wiig

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