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Arthur & Mike

Video | 12th June 2014

Wallace Avery is struggling with the hardships that life is throwing at him; a boring job, a failed marriage, an estranged son and an unfulfilling relationship; and decides that something must be done in order...

Tags: Colin Firth - Emily Blunt - Anne Heche - Sterling Beaumon - Kristin Lehman - Nicole LaLiberte


by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 11th April 2014

After the 2011 black comedy The Guard, Brendan Gleeson reteams with writer-director John Michael McDonagh for a darker comical drama grappling with issues of faith and forgiveness. McDonagh's usual jagged dialogue and snappy characters are...

Tags: Brendan Gleeson - Chris O'Dowd - Kelly Reilly - Aidan Gillen - Dylan Moran - Isaach De Bankole

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Video | 16th January 2012

Cindy and Jim Green is a young, married couple who are looking forward to starting a family. They try everything they can but it doesn't work. After the couple find out they can never conceive,...

Tags: Jennifer Garner - Joel Edgerton - Cameron Adams - Ron Livingston - Common - Dianne Wiest

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