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In 1982, only twelve years old, Luis Miguel recorded his first album. This will be the beginning of an outstanding career.

In 1985, at the age of fifteen, Luis Miguel won his first Grammy Academy of Arts and Sciences, for the subject I Like You duet with Sheena Easton. This year becomes a year full of awards: winning the "Silver Torch" at the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile and the second prize at the Festival of San Remo Song (Italy) with the theme Noi Ragazzi Di Oggi.

In 1986, Luis Miguel released his fifth LP'm like I want to be with which he began his collaboration with producer and composer Juan Carlos Calderón. With this material, gets five platinum and eight gold at the international level.

In 1988, he recorded his sixth album A man looking for a woman, whose first single: Unconditional marks a record in Latin radio, seven months remaining on top of all the charts. This disc is removed seven singles occupying the number # 1 on the Billboard "Hot Latin Tracks" for over a year.

In 1990, with the album Luis Miguel 20 years, sold in just one week, more than 600,000 copies. Six singles from the album come simultaneously in the TOP 100 of Mexico. He toured Latin America and United States with unprecedented success. Earn two "Silver Lights" at the Festival of Viña del Mar and thus has become the youngest artist and important in Latin America.

That same year he received the award "European Excellence" in Spain and its first "World Music Awards" in Monaco, the first Latin artist to receive this recognition as "Best Selling Artist".

In 1991 he was co-producer of his eighth album Romance (first in a series of boleros), achieving sales of over seven million copies internationally and has more than seventy times platinum. It is the first Latin artist to receive a gold record in the U.S. by a Spanish album, gold records in Brazil and Taiwan. Romance also won the award for "Best International Album" and "Best International Artist of the Year" awards "Round" of Venezuela, "Best Artist of a non-English speaking country" in the International Music Awards in Korea and ACE Trophy in Argentina.

The following year, is the only Latin American artist invited to participate in the recording of Gold Barcelona occasion of the Olympic Games.

Wins the award for "Best International Music Video" MTV Awards for his song America, a tribute to the Olympics, which would be part of a special edition disc titled America & Live.

For his album Romance, LUIS MIGUEL wins Billboard Awards in 1992 for "Best Latin Artist", "Best Album" and "Best Artist of the song in Spanish." Awarded "Golden Laurel" in Chile for "Best Album of the Year." He was invited to participate in the closing ceremony of the Expo '92 in Seville. Performs a concert to raise funds for the Children's Museum of Mexico.

In 1993 he produced his ninth album Aries, for which he receives his second Grammy Academy of Arts and Sciences for "Best Latin Pop Album". Earn two awards "Lo Nuestro" in the categories of "Pop Artist of the Year" and "Best Pop Album", Billboard Awards for "Best Male Artist" and "Best Album of the Year", and get more than 40 records platinum and six gold records worldwide.

In that same year he began a tour even more extensive in Central America, South America and USA and again broke all box office records: the first Latin singer is getting a full house at Madison Square Garden in New York and the first artist Latin with four "Sold-out" consecutive Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, which later achieved also with three dates at the Knight Center in Miami.

In 1994 Segundo Romance hits the market that directly enters the list of the "Top 200" Best of Billboard at # 29, the highest position ever achieved entry by a Spanish album to date. He was awarded three prizes (of that time Billboard) "Lo Nuestro", "Best Album", "Best Male Artist" and "Best Video" with the theme around. With this work get 50 times platinum.

Receive recognition by the RIAA (Recording Industry Artists of America) after selling over two million copies and Segundo Romance Romance in the U.S., historic achievement as the first foreign artist singing in their own language that achieves this feat.

This year featuring beats its own record 16 consecutive concerts at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. According to Amusement Business magazine and PERFORMANCE, LUIS MIGUEL ranks third in the world among the singers who has sold more tickets in the same place successively.

Come Fly With Me recorded a duet with Frank Sinatra for Sinatra Album: Duets II and is one of the chosen to film the TV special SINATRA: DUETS. Next year is the only Latin artist invited to sing in "Sinatra: 80 Years My Way" alongside Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, Natalie Cole and Bob Dylan, among others.

In 1995 he was awarded his third Grammy for the album Segundo Romance, in the category of "Best Latin Pop Performance" and once again, in Monaco, awarded "World Music Award" for "Best Latin Singer of the Year."

The Tour this year consists of over one hundred concerts between the United States and South America which unites more than 300,000 spectators, running locations in all presentations.

Launched the new album The Concert, recorded during performances of 16 consecutive nights at the National Auditorium in Mexico City in August 1994. In double-CD formats, Cassette, Laser Disc and HomeVideo, breaks sales record. Later is issued simultaneously in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Latin America, the special two-hour television. The concert is notable for the inclusion of big hits and also includes its innovative interpretations Mariachi.

After reaching the two million copies worldwide, once more wins "Lo Nuestro" Latin music "Best Male Artist of the Year".

A year later, in 1996, Walt Disney Studios invites LUIS MIGUEL recording Dream, the main theme of the film "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" which would be part of his new album Nothing Like. Earlier, its success is not know about you become the focus of the movie "Speechless".

During this year's launches Nothing Like selling in record time, one million three hundred thousand copies and received thirty-platinum. The first single from this album, Dame, is placed in just one week, in the first place in all Spanish-language stations in the United States, and entering the top of all radio charts in Mexico, Central , South America and Spain.

In September 1996, Luis Miguel is honored by the organizing committee of "The Hollywood Walk Of Fame" with a star on the famous Hollywood Boulevard. Again, the attendance in the record-breaking event.

That year LUIS MIGUEL becomes the highest-paid Latin singer in the history of Las Vegas. On the thirtieth anniversary of Caesars Palace are asked especially to sing at the event.

In mid October, LUIS MIGUEL undertakes the tour: "Tour America 1996" by South America: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, and emphasizes its first performance in Brazil, with great success.

In 1997, Luis Miguel released his new album Romances, the third in the genre of boleros, produced by himself, and teacher collaboration and Bebu Silvetti Armando Manzanero.

Romances debuts at # 14 on the list "Billboard Top 200", the highest position ever achieved by an album in Spanish. Table below and follow the simple clock, Contigo, Besame Mucho, and loving you So come to Number # 1 on the radio charts throughout Latin America.

In Spain is honored to receive the "Premio Amigo" and "Waves Award" for "Best Latin Singer of the Year".

In this year's Tour starts Romances longest tour of his career, in which he again beat its own record to appear more than 17 times in a row at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, and five times in the Radio City Music New York Hall of absolute full.

Pollstar Magazine recognized as the first Latin artist entering his list of the "Top 20 All-Time Grossing" (twenty artists who have sold more locations in the same place in the history of music).

Romances far has reached more than four and a half million copies, still the best-selling album in less time, getting fifty albums platinum: 11 achieved platinum in Argentina, 9 platinum in the United States and Puerto Rico, eight platinum Chile, Venezuela 6 in, 5 in Spain, four in Mexico and Central platinum, two platinum in Colombia, Bolivia and Paraguay, platinum in Peru and Ecuador, gold in Brazil.

In 1998, Luis Miguel wins fourth "Grammy" for "Best Latin Pop Performance".

Billboard magazine awarded the prize "Billboard Latin 50 Artist of the Year" and the award for "Best Male Pop Album of the Year" as well as being honored once again with his fourth "World Music Award" as "Best Selling Latin Artist "the Latin artist who has sold more albums this year.

In May 1998, Spain began its tour with concerts in Barcelona, ??Valencia, Murcia, Malaga and Madrid, with resounding success. The concert tickets sell out in just two hours in cities like Madrid.

LUIS MIGUEL conquering Spain with sales exceeding one million copies between disk Romances and Special Edition All Romances trilogy in just one year. Unprecedented.

Romances becomes the number # 1 in the Spanish, and historical fact that the compact trilogy under the name All Romances is number # 3 at the same time.

In 1999, preparing his new album Loving you is a pleasure. Again LUIS MIGUEL is the producer. In the latter work, brings together composers Armando Manzanero and Juan Carlos Calderon. LUIS MIGUEL participates as an author, composer and arranger of various themes.

In July releases "Sun, Sand and Sea" first single from her new album She Is A Pleasure. In just one week, reached first place in Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

On August 2 goes on sale the single "Sun, Sand and Sea" in all Latin American countries, U.S. and Spain, including four versions, including a remix is ??done by Danny Saber. Again, LUIS MIGUEL is a pioneer in Spanish-language music.

On September 13, Luis Miguel Amarte spear is a Placer and premiered the video "O Thou O No" worldwide in a big event at the historic Casino de Madrid, with the presence of the press in the U.S., Europe, Asia , and Latin America.

LUIS MIGUEL 1999-2000 world tour starts in Spain and continues with shows in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Venezuela.

The last phase of his tour begins in America with 5 shows in the "Universal Amphitheater" and 4 in the "Radio City Music Hall" in New York.

In Mexico, with 21 consecutive performances at the prestigious National Auditorium in Mexico City, sets a new record: more than 225,000 spectators enjoyed the magic and splendor of his concerts in Mexico City and Monterrey and is honored with four platinum discs and gold for the album Loving you is a pleasure.

Again, in May, is awarded by Billboard magazine as the "Best Male Pop Album of the Year".

In May, the tour ends with over 100 presentations. The tour "LUIS MIGUEL 1999-2000" was ranked according to the William Morris Agency, as the tour with the highest income in the history of Spanish-speaking artist.

In September, the album is Amarte Placer he won three awards including "Album of the Year", "Best Pop Album" and "Best Male Pop Vocal Performance" for the theme your look, in the first installment of the Latin Grammys.

On October 3, 2000 launches Live, which was recorded during the concert of the tour in Monterrey, Mexico. This album includes hits over his career and unreleased tracks "Y" and "The Bikina" accompanied by Mariachi.

On October 30, the DVD and VHS presents Vivo, making history by launching the first video in Spanish concert in PAL / NTSC and DVD in Europe, USA and South America.

In April 2001, Billboard magazine awarded the prize for "Best Pop Album of the Year" by Live.

In July, Vivo is nominated for "Best Male Pop Album" in the second installment of the Latin Grammys and simultaneously prepares to launch its new production for the month of November.

In September, LUIS MIGUEL interrupted recording her new album to take part in the second installment of the Latin Grammys scheduled for the 11th of the same month, however, given the events, the ceremony is canceled. In solidarity with this tragedy, Michael Jackson invited Luis Miguel to participate in their fundraising project to record the song "All For You", his voice joining with other artists such as Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan among others.

On November 29, 2001, Luis Miguel continues his series of boleros and Romances presents My world includes unreleased tracks where composers Manuel Alejandro and Armando Manzanero besides collaboration PHIILHARMONIC THE ROYAL LONDON Orchestra, the event is held Versace's mansion in Miami Beach, Florida.

Less than a month of release, My Romance is a success in terms of sales to quadruple platinum in Argentina and Mexico, Gold in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and platinum in the United States and Venezuela, while in Spain is double platinum .

LUIS MIGUEL is the artist who has released bolero around the world, with sales exceeding 20 million units (only their productions devoted to bolero) in countries as diverse as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic, among many others.

In November released her first single from this production Love, Love, Love

In January 2002 LUIS MIGUEL with just 32 years old, turning 20 year career.

That same year, the first Awards Luna del Auditorio Nacional Mexico City, LUIS MIGUEL is awarded the prize for "Best Artistic Career." Months later, LUIS MIGUEL again captivates audiences on the fifteenth anniversary of Premio Lo Nuestro, to receive from the hands of Maria Elena Salinas, and the mayor of Miami, the "Award of Excellence".

In late January, begins his tour My Romances and crosses several countries like the U.S., Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Mexico, with resounding success.

In Mexico once again makes history by presenting for the first time at the Estadio Azteca and because of the great expectation, this concert was recorded and broadcast on Mexican television.

During their Spanish tour, Warner Music Spain, awarded him with a commemorative disc for having sold over 4 million copies of their discography in Spain.

The December 14, 2002, Luis Miguel Tour concludes his Mis Romances on campus Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic.

As a result of the great success of this tour, in 2003, entitling LUIS MIGUEL Billboard Award as "Tour of the Year" by Mis Romances Tour 2002. That same year makes Billboard Award for "Best Pop Album of the Year" by Mis Romances and "Album of the Year" awards Ritmoson Latino.

In October 2002, Warner Music Latin America, presents world Boleros My Favorites; compilation album of boleros, where includes unreleased Until You produced by master Bebu Silvetti, accompanied by a DVD with the best selection of videos.

The September 29, 2003 released "33", a pop album revolving basis to eleven new songs. The album was recorded in studios in Los Angeles and was produced by Luis Miguel. His first single "I Need" from his departure on the radio, was placed on the top of the charts throughout Latin America, Spain and the United States.

The album "33" debuted at the top of the Top Latin Albums chart. "33" not only received acceptance from the public, but also from industry, to receive nominations for a Grammy and a Latin Grammy for Best Male Pop Album, and two Billboard awards in the categories: Album of the Year (Male) and Tour Year.

THE October 8, 2003, Luis Miguel started his world tour "33" across the United States visiting cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas and more.

In November visit Chile, where Warner Music gives an award for selling more than 2.5 million records in Chilean territory alone, making it the best-selling artist in history.

In December continues with great success in Argentina where over 100,000 delighted fans with three consecutive concerts at the imposing Estadio Velez, closing with a flourish in this country presentations.

In January 2004 begins the third leg of his "33" in Mexico, visiting several cities including Mexico City where he made 25 presentations at the prestigious Auditorio Nacional making a historical record and a total of 122 concerts throughout his career. In this same place Warner Music Mexico gives five platinum albums for exceeding sales of over half a million copies in Mexico for the album "33".

LUIS MIGUEL took first place in the World Top Boxscore count Tour Billboard with "33" and was the most successful tour and more sales of the year, selling out tickets in theaters and arenas in the United States, Mexico and Chile like broke attendance records in countries like Argentina, beating artists like Elton John and Celine Dion, among others.

In May Luis Miguel returns to the studio in Los Angeles to record their next album "Mexico in the skin", which includes classics of Mexican regional music.

During September and October LUIS MIGUEL continues his tour "33" in Spain, making two presentations at the Plaza de Toros Las Ventas in Madrid, where he brought together more than 35,000 people, including Prince Felipe of Asturias and his wife Doña Leticia Ortiz and several members of the royal family. The arenas of Valencia and Zaragoza joined the resounding success of Luis Miguel on the Iberian Peninsula, in addition to these cities also visited Santiago de Compostela, Jaén, Alicante and the prestigious Palau Saint Jordi in Barcelona.

A week later, LUIS MIGUEL toured countries not visited for over 10 years: Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador and Panama. In his tour of Latin America, also appeared in other places that were part of his tour as Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru.

On November 9, LUIS MIGUEL Mexico made the presentation of the skin in the majestic National Art Museum of Mexico City. This album was produced by himself, under the musical direction of maestro Armando Manzanero.

In the presentation of Mexico on the skin, in the Historic Center of Mexico City, met national and international press who witnessed the launch of the exclusive video of the first single "The Traveler".

The lawyer James Zabludovsky opened the conference with an emotional speech, referring to Mexico this record production in the skin as "A gift in Mexican silver platter in a housing estate: LUIS MIGUEL's voice."

The next day, LUIS MIGUEL travels to Spain to present his album in Madrid to European media that also saw the release of the video "The Traveler". It was a very special evening with a celebration mariachi very Mexican.

Mexico in the skin off the first 2 videos of the singles "The Traveler" and "Are You Happy" both directed by Pedro Torres. The first single "The Traveler" was a tribute to the colorful landscapes and Mexican traditions.

The second video, "Are You Happy", was attended by the leading lady Yadhira Carrillo and was filmed in a historic plantation in Tequila, Jalisco. He was also chosen as the main theme of the telenovela "Bet For A Love" Televisa.

Mexico In The Skin debuted at # 1 on the Top Latin Albums and Billboard magazine's creditor Grammy for "Best Album Mexico-Americano", the Latin Grammy for "Best Ranchero Album" and "Best Regional Mexican Album" for Billboard.

Mexico On Skin has established itself as one of the best selling productions in the genre rancher, which surpass sales reaching 1.5 million copies worldwide. Only in Mexico has been certified Diamond disc, double platinum in Argentina and Venezuela, Platinum in Chile, the U.S. and Spain and gold in Colombia.

The September 13, LUIS MIGUEL begins its world tour "Mexico in the skin" in the United States visiting 40 cities as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles where he made history by being the only Latin singer with 6 consecutive dates at Gibson Amphitheatre .

During his presentation in Vegas, the city was awarded a star on the famous street of the stars, the first for a Latin artist.

On November 10, begins his tour in Argentina with more than 100,000 fans who gathered at the Estadio Velez in the capital for three concerts with great success. Luis Miguel, then comes in Córdoba where he had to add a second presentation by high demand and continued his tour visiting Chile performing at the National Stadium in Santiago and Quinta Vergara in Viña del Mar.

During his visit in Chile, Luis Miguel released his own wine brand "UNICO" in collaboration with the renowned winemaker Aurelio Montes depleted in countries like Chile and Mexico.

This month is nominated for "Favorite Latin Artist" awards at "American Music Awards" on ABC.

On November 22 LUIS MIGUEL launches, first, their greatest hits which includes two unreleased tracks. GREATEST HITS has three editions: Deluxe Edition (includes 2 CDs, a DVD with 15 videos) GREATEST HITS CD EDITION (26 subjects), and a double DVD SPECIAL (collection of his music videos from 1987). The first single off the album, "Mysteries of Love", debuted at # 1 in Mexico and Chile and # 2 in Argentina. The theme is composed by Francisco Loyo, Alejandro Asensi and Luis Miguel who produces the subject. The second single, "If I lost you", premieres on radio with great success and is the main theme of the Mexican soap opera "The Hidden Truth".

In January 2006, Luis Miguel started his tour in skin Mexico Mexico, becoming the longest of his career with more than 50 presentations in all of Mexico, visiting cities such as Mexico City, Merida, Cancun, Puebla, Guadalajara , Monterrey, Acapulco and Chihuahua and others.

On February 27, makes history by concluding his series of 30 consecutive concerts at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City and give "La Estela de Plata", the highest award ever given to any artist, bringing a total of 300,000 people and breaking his own record.

During her concert number 23 at the National Auditorium, LUIS MIGUEL receive a diamond disc and a Triple Platinum by Warner Music, for sales close to one million albums in the Mexican territory for his album Mexico en la Piel. You also get a Quadruple Platinum for its latest launch and double platinum albums for DVD version.

In April, the tour Mexico in the skin makes a triumphant return to the United States to close the tour with dates added especially to mark the 25th anniversary of his career. LUIS MIGUEL visit San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Anaheim and Las Vegas. In late April is awarded the "Tour of the Year" at the Billboard Awards Latinos.

During his presentation at the Staples Center, Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, officially proclaimed April 13 as "The Day of LUIS MIGUEL". LUIS MIGUEL ends his most extensive tour of the United States, South America and Mexico, with 103 presentations and closes his tour finale in Mexico 2005-2006 Skin Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas.

In August 2006, Billboard magazine published the "Top Boxscore" world tours, where his tour Mexico in the skin is placed at No. 8 surpassing the likes of Paul McCartney and makes history in Mexico to be the only international artist to achieve these figures with 30 consecutive presentations at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, according to Billboard. Earlier this month the magazine Pollstar publishes the list of the top 50 tours, where Luis Miguel is placed in position number 11, surpassing such artists as Aerosmith, Elton John, U2 and RBD among others.

On November 14, 2006, Luis Miguel releases his new musical project entitled "Christmas LUIS MIGUEL". This is the first time in his twenty year career, which made a record of Christmas classics.

A month earlier, LUIS MIGUEL releases two singles simultaneously: "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" and "My Humble Prayer" Hispanic radio in the United States, Latin America and Spain. Recorded in New York and produced by the same LUIS MIGUEL, "My Humble Prayer" is the composition of David Foster and Linda Thompson and "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", is composed by Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie both adaptations into Spanish by Juan Carlos Calderón.

On October 25 LUIS MIGUEL is creditor Moon Award for "Best Pop Performance in Spanish" by the National Auditorium in Mexico City.

In December 2006 LUIS MIGUEL performs a series of gala concerts in Mexico visiting cities such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Guadalajara, Ensenada and Mexico City among others.

In April 2007, begins his long-awaited Spanish tour visiting 11 cities such as Barcelona, ??Granada, Las Palmas, Murcia, Alicante, Castellón Billbao, among others and ended his successful tour with two sold-out shows at the Palace of Sports in Madrid bringing together more than 120,000 people. Later continuing his tour of Venezuela, which had not visited since 1999 and is presented in Valencia, Maracaibo and Caracas.

In September of the same year, Luis Miguel returns to Caesars Palace Casino in Las Vegas presenting three special shows celebrating the Independence Day of Mexico where it has dancers Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. After continuing his tour visiting several cities in California and closes his tour in the city of San Bernardino, CA.

In late 2007 LUIS MIGUEL begin recording their new album titled Accomplices in collaboration with the Spanish composer Manuel Alejandro.

On April 7, 2008 shows the first single if you dare, a romantic ballad that tells the story of an intense love and impossible in a very poetic. If you dare debuts at # 1 on the radio charts in Mexico and the United States. Weeks before its release, the album reaches # l in pre-sales on Amazon, making it one of the most anticipated albums.

On April 28, the music video of the theme if you dare, premieres worldwide, this production was directed by film director Rebecca Blake, and recorded in Los Angeles.

On May 6 LUIS MIGUEL presents her new album at the historic Casino Accomplices Spanish in Mexico City and had special guest Manuel Alejandro, days later he presented in Madrid, Spain.

"Accomplices" was produced by Luis Miguel and Manuel Alejandro and contains 12 unreleased master of authorship.

In just one week of its release, "Accomplices" became a success worldwide. In Mexico, the album was ranked at # 1 in sales in just the first few hours with 320.000 units sold distribution (4 X Platinum) and three weeks of release, obtained in Mexico diamond disc surpassing the 400,000 copies sold .

Accomplices also reached the # 1 in Spain, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina and is the eighth album in the # 1 position on Billboard counts, LUIS MIGUEL making the artist with the most albums this position in the history of the magazine. The album also ranked as the # 10 of "TOP 200" (Billboard), the highest position it has achieved in his career in the United States.

In September 2008 would begin LUIS MIGUEL COMPLICES TOUR tour that would take him by the United States, South America, Mexico and Europe and other countries. Canada, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Chile were LUIS MIGUEL places visited in this first phase of the tour.

LUIS MIGUEL over 20 dates confirmed in the National Auditorium in Mexico City, thus imposing a record high of 180 roles throughout his career and for those that have seen more than 1 million and a half people. For this outstanding achievement in February 2009 received a special award Silver Dahlia.

In April 2009 LUIS MIGUEL launches Special Edition "Accomplices" his last studio album with exclusive material as digital downloads through the portal, a DVD with videos and an unreleased track entitled "Costumes".
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