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With all the pride in the front and an unparalleled career as "the most influential regional Mexican group" (Billboard) and is also considered "the largest gender referents" (New York Times). The legendary North Tigers remain as a major social and creative voices of Latin Music, continue to sell millions of albums, leading the popularity charts and gaining radio and multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy.

Now "The Heads of Heads" look forward to the upcoming release of his new material "Details and Emotions". The album continues with the same proposal of Los Tigres del Norte as "the preeminent voice for the immigrant community" features 15 new songs, which give life to the emotions of people either as corridos, ballads, cumbias and rancheras.
This album includes prominent composers of the genre as Paulino Vargas son, Manuel Eduardo Toscano, Paul Castro Francisco Quintero and others.

The first single from the album "Details" (which quickly hit the top of the radio charts Latin music), is a ballad that reminds Franco fans that while many pursue dreams of material wealth, the real show of affection and love is for our loved ones who are our greatest wealth.

Another success of the aforementioned album is one of the most controversial songs of Los Tigres del Norte, entitled "The Wall", a very true that challenges the idea proposed construction of the wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Contains as "bonus" a very special place where Jorge Hernandez sings in Spanish, English, German, French and Farsi as well as to symbolize the different wall partitions failed throughout history.

Following the same tradition, the music of Los Tigres del Norte includes topics such as: "Tears of Blood", "A Man's Law," "Wounded Heart", "The naughty", "Central America" ??which is a cumbia rhythmic dedicated to the people of Central who have always shown their open arms to the group throughout his career, eventually "Handle With Care" which tells the story of an undercover policewoman trying to trick seducing fugitives.

The album concludes with a message of Los Tigres Del Norte, thanking his fans around the world for years of loyal support. And reminding them to continue fighting despite the problems encountered in their lives.

The launch of "Details and Emotions" marked a welcome return to the Tigers after the acclaimed 2006 album, "Stories to Tell". Taken to success with the song reached number 1 in the charts "Mr. Speaker" which pays tribute to the growing role of the DJ's Latinos on the radio doing social work at bringing together different families of the immigrant community. "Stories to tell" which contains 14 corridos, came to show everyone that Los Tigres del Norte still on top as leaders in the Regional Mexican genre, most recently winning the Grammy Award and Latin Grammy for "Best Album northern ".
Shortly after the release of "stories to tell", Los Tigres Del Norte again demonstrated its role as the leading "voice of the people" to lead their community musically with the "Great American Boycott"-a-day without immigrants, a meeting of protest in downtown Los Angeles the largest nationwide. The Tigers gave great support to the millions of immigrants who marched to show their essential role in both the economy and culture of the United States.

Los Tigres Del Norte in the new millennium

The dawn of the new millennium has closely followed the growth of Los Tigres Del Norte, being now a legendary group thanks to the experience gained after 40 years of success in his musical career, their reach is growing into other international markets.

The role of the Tigers as a major influence for the new generation of young performers in Latin music was clearly visible in 2011 with the release of the tribute album, entitled "The greatest homage to Los Tigres del Norte." Which became in a collector's item, seeing reflected the talent of the main groups of Mexican Rock singing the entire collection of hits from Los Tigres Del Norte. Thus he shows that fans of the group and reach multiple generations.

This respect for Los Tigres del Norte was shown on other occasions. In 2002, when the group was one of the most anticipated presentations at the "30 th International Cervantes Festival", as a special tribute, The Tigers shared the stage with other rock bands like Molotov, La Barranca and Julieta Venegas.

The year 2002 continued as a crucial year for Los Tigres del Norte with the launch of the internationally acclaimed album "La Reina Del Sur". Inspired by the group, the writer Arturo Perez Reverte, wrote the novel "La Reina Del Sur"-infused particularly successful "Contraband and Betrayal" and Camelia the Texan character. Following this writer supported the release of the new album that served for the Tigers had a very successful tour in Spain.

This fact led the way in the international expansion of Los Tigres Del Norte, followed by Asia tours, concerts for U.S. troops in Japan and Korea as well as a more extensive tour of Chile and the rest of Latin America.
By winning so a large number of followers and new fans around the world, demanded new recordings with the highlight of the group. Fonovisa Records decided to take "Musical Heritage" in CD / DVD format which became an immediate success.

This collection compiled the group's musical legacy with new materials, accompanied by group videos, photo galleries and biography. To this day there are different collections that have been released such as: 20 Corridos Unforgettable (2003), 20 Boleros Romantic (2003), 20 Norteñas Famous (2004) and finally, Cumbias and more (2005). All these albums reached the top positions in the airplay charts of popularity and in the publications of the "Top Latin Albums" chart.

In addition to success in the discography of Los Tigres Del Norte, Fonovisa Records recognized the importance in the career of the group to promote a new release of a DVD and CD of some of his most important works not only marked a milestone in the career group, but also have become historical Mexican cinema.

In two of these tapes reissued highlights the work done by Los Tigres del Norte with the famous director Ruben Galindo, considered one of the leading filmmakers in the genre of "Cinema Without Borders", which handled the issue of economic separation and culture between the U.S. and Mexico. The first film that became available recently, was the 1976 classic "La Banda Del Carro Rojo".

These works were two weeks in the top position in the list of radio popularity as the best regional Mexican music, followed by the launch of the death of Scorpio 1977.

"Stories to tell" continued the legacy and proved to be another album that stayed in the radio charts throughout 2006. Successful aforementioned reissues and the series "Musical Heritage", won three awards in the Top 20 of the album list as Mexican Regional radio. The highlight of this cycle was that the North Tigers managed to place six different albums in the charts in the same year.

Culminating this year's successes, Los Tigres Del Norte were recognized by Billboard, being invited to the first gala "Regional Mexican Music Summit."

Its History

Los Tigres Del Norte have achieved worldwide success thanks to which became the main musical storytellers for generations of Latino immigrants.

The group continued on continuing the tradition more than a century of singing "corridos" (stories that celebrate the pursuit of truth and justice, with room for both heroes and ordinary people) as an art form. The Tigers, with its ballads achieved a powerful vehicle to express not only the trance and adventures of many who came to this country from different parts of the world seeking a better life for their families, but also revealed many challenges put working people .

Considered Norteno godparents are like banners consolidate within Latin music, taking the entire northern and mixing folklore with true stories of social injustice, both past and present. His lyrics full of social conscience have approached the million people who see in them a reflection of the past, present and future. For all this, his fans worldwide have been given the title of "The idols of the people" for his entire sincerity and great humility.

His long career of more than three decades, which includes millions of records sold, concert tours extended by the United States, Mexico, Latin America and Asia, have made Los Tigres Del Norte international legends.
It is composed by musical director, lead singer and accordion Jorge Hernandez along with his brothers Hernán, Eduardo, Luis and cousin Oscar Lara. Los Tigres Del Norte have followed their calling as messengers musical, which has catapulted it to the top, something I never imagined.

From the beginning, the music of Los Tigres Del Norte has been soaked with emotions, honor, pride and respect for their culture.

In 1968, a group of brothers led by Major George who was 14 at the time, left their village of Rosa Morada, Mocorito in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico and came to the United States in hopes of providing support to their family. The band's name was born when an officer called them immigrant "Tigers little ones" as they were crossing the border between California and Mexico. As they headed north, was how the name was born Los Tigres Del Norte.

The group was established in San Jose, California, a city that still functions as its base. Residing in San Jose during the 70s, Los Tigres Del Norte were discovered by a music impresario named Art Walker who was listening on the radio in a live performance from Parque De Las Flores on Keyes Street, where the Mexican community used together on Sundays.

The group was the first artist to sign with the firm of Walker, Fama Records, which eventually became the leader in Spanish-language record music on the West Coast. By signing the contract, the group was asked to change their traditional acoustic music, a sound with new electrical and instrumental elements, such as batteries, electric guitar and bass that's how they recorded their first album. Over time, the group expanded their music, exploring elements of boleros, cumbias, rock and waltzes.

Your social tradition began to manifest early with corridos as "Contraband and Betrayal", a story about a couple of drug dealers formed by Emilio Varela and Camelia The Texan (1971), as well as "The Red Car Band" 1972.

His prominent role as the leading voice of the immigrant took shape later with songs like "The Golden Cage" (1986) which talks about life in the "golden cage" represented by the United States, where immigrants enjoy progress economic but their children often forget their culture and roots.

As part of its mission music, Los Tigres del Norte have never seen their image damaged with decreased or unpleasant pictures with guns or using offensive language in his music. The Tigers take their own responsibility to express love and respect for women in their songs and have never glorified the topics on "narco" rather focus as faithful narrators of stories daily.

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