Little Comets Videos

Little Comets - Jennifer

Year 2013 | Genre Alternative

Label InGrooves

Little Comets, Jennifer

Year 2012 | Genre Alternative

Synopsis - Tyne and Wear Indie trio Little Comets present us with yet another brilliant new single 'Jennifer' out June 11th 2012 on Dirty Hit Records. The single follows their 2011 'Worry'...

Little Comets - Isles

Label InGrooves

Little Comets - Joanna

Label InGrooves

Little Comets, Worry

Year 2011 | Genre Alternative

Synopsis - Little Comets' new single, Worry, will be released on December 12th 2011; their EP of the same name will also be released on that day, through Dirty Hit. Little Comets...

Little Comets, Isles

Year 2010 | Genre Alternative

Synopsis - Isles is the first single from Little Comets since departing ways with their old record label Columbia. Starting out afresh on a indie label called Dirty Hit the band have...


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