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Lightspeed Champion, Madame Van Damme

Year 2010 | Genre Alternative

Synopsis - Domino Records have just announced the details of Lightspeed Champion's May tour, starting off on May 1st playing the Stylus at Leeds University as part of Live At Leeds, the...

Lightspeed Champion, Marlene

Year 2009 | Genre Alternative

Synopsis - Marlene video from Lightspeed ChampionReleased on January 25th 2010, Marlene is the first single from Lightspeed Champion AKA Dev Hynes new album 'Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You', the...

Lightspeed Champion, Tell Me What It’S Worth

Synopsis - Lightspeed ChampionTell Me What It’s Worth VideoLightspeed Champion aka Dev Hynes releases a new single, Tell Me What It’s Worth on January 14th 2008 through Domino Records. The pretty track...

Lightspeed Champion, Midnight Surprise

Synopsis - Lightspeed Champion Midnight Surprise VideoAt just under ten minutes in length, Midnight Surprise is the beautifully epic second single from Lightspeed Champion and a taste of what forthcoming 2008 debut...

Lightspeed Champion, Galaxy Of The Lost,

Synopsis - Lightspeed Champion Galaxy Of The Lost Video Lightspeed Champion's first single, Galaxy Of The Lost, will be released on July 16th. Galaxy Of The Lost is a beautifully arranged catchy...