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The Numbers Station

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 7th June 2013

There's an interesting, timely idea in this espionage thriller, as well as adept leading actors who are able to make the most of the script's dry wit. But the film is ultimately sabotaged by a...

Tags: John Cusack - Malin Akerman - Liam Cunningham - Richard Brake - Lucy Griffiths - Joey Ansah

Good Vibrations

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 28th March 2013

The story of Belfast's "godfather of punk" is told with plenty of groovy style to match the 1970s setting, mixing the music with colourful locations and lively characters. But while the story is fascinating, the...

Tags: Richard Dormer - Jodie Whittaker - Dylan Moran - Adrian Dunbar - Liam Cunningham - Kerr Logan

Good Vibrations

Video | 6th March 2013

When Terri Hooley decided to open up the record shop Good Vibrations in Belfast in the 70s world of hippies and strong political messages, he had no idea that he would soon discover what would...

Tags: Richard Dormer - Jodie Whittaker - Adrian Dunbar - Killian Scott - Kerr Logan - Liam Cunningham

Safe House

Video | 16th January 2012

Matt Weston is a young CIA agent who, for the past year, has been bored by his inactive post in Cape Town. Matt is a "housekeeper" who aspires to be a full-fledged agent, a...

Tags: Ryan Reynolds - Denzel Washington - Vera Farmiga - Brendan Gleeson - Joel Kinnaman - Robert Patrick

The Guard

Video | 29th June 2011

Sergeant Gerry Boyle is a cop, working in a small town in County Galway, in the western part of Ireland, with a love of prostitutes, dropping acid on his days off and a dying mother....

Tags: Brendan Gleeson - Don Cheadle - Liam Cunningham - David Wilmot - Rory Keenan - Mark Strong

Harry Brown

Video | 6th October 2009

Watch the trailer for Harry Brown If you're a pensioner and live in a rough part of London, the night-time isn't the best time to be out and about, Drug dealing, guns, gangs are just...

Tags: Michael Caine - Emily Mortimer - Charlie Creed-Miles - Iain Glen - David Bradley - Liam Cunningham

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