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Don Verdean

Video | 27th January 2015

With the potential to earn a quick bit of cash here and there, Don Verdean (Sam Rockwell) turned to the life of a "Biblical archaeologist", uncovering and selling works of art and pieces of Biblical...

Tags: Sam Rockwell - Amy Ryan - Jemaine Clement - Danny McBride - Will Forte - Leslie Bibb

No Good Deed

Video | 16th June 2014

Colin is a violent and narcissistic killer who has spent plenty of time in prison for vicious crimes, including the brutal attack on his terrified ex-girlfriend. Back in prison, he is denied parole but subsequently...

Tags: Idris Elba - Taraji P Henson - Leslie Bibb - Kate del Castillo - Henry Simmons - Sam Miller

Leslie Bibb Impregnated With Satan As 'Hell Baby' Set For Release [Trailer]

by Lauren James | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 15th July 2013

Hell Baby is about to implant itself within US cinemas with a comedy horror experience that follows the story of Vanessa , played by Leslie Bibb (Confessions of a Shopaholic, Iron Man 2) and her...

Tags: Leslie Bibb - Rob Corddry - Paul Scheer - Thomas Lennon - Robert Ben Garant - Rob Huebel

Hell Baby

Video | 28th June 2013

Vanessa and Jack are a loved up couple expecting their first child, with dreams of fixing up a dilapidated old house in New Orleans neighbourhood. Little do they know of the house's history and just...

Tags: Leslie Bibb - Rob Corddry - Thomas Lennon - Rob Huebel - Paul Scheer - Michael Ian Black

Movie 43

Video | 22nd November 2012

If you were hoping for a romantic comedy with a harmless storyline, romance and inoffensive jokes, the here's a warning: read no further. 'Movie 43' is one of the most cringe-worthy and uncensored taboo-filled flicks...

Tags: Halle Berry - Liev Schreiber - Emma Stone - Chloe Moretz - Gerard Butler - Hugh Jackman


Video | 1st March 2012

Flight 7500 is a plane flying from Los Angeles to Japan, a trip that should take approximately ten hours. Of the many people who board the flight, one is a cocky student who debunks the...

Tags: Amy Smart - Leslie Bibb - Jamie Chung - Nicky Whelan - Scout Taylor-Compton - Ryan Kwanten

Leslie Bibb Makes Her Way Through Sea Of Photographers To Get To Salon

Footage | 19th December 2011

Actress Leslie Bibb (Iron Man; Law Abiding Citizen; Zookeeper) arriving at the Byron & Tracy Salon in Los Angeles. She pays for a parking ticket and crosses the car park to the salon. She smiles...

Tags: Leslie Bibb


Video | 23rd November 2010

Griffin Keyes is the caretaker at Franklin Park Zoo, he loves his job and adores the animals he looks after - in fact, he seems to spend more time with them than he does with...

Tags: Kevin James - Rosario Dawson - Adam Sandler - Nick Nolte - Sylvester Stallone - Cher

Iron Man 2

Video | 21st December 2009

Watch the trailer for Iron Man 2.Picking up where the first film left us, the world is now aware that millionaire businessman Tony Stark is superhero Iron Man. Stark faces constant pressure from the US...

Tags: Robert Downey Jr - Gwyneth Paltrow - Don Cheadle - Mickey Rourke - Scarlett Johansson - Samuel L Jackson

Law Abiding Citizen

Video | 14th October 2009

Watch the trailer for Law Abiding Citizen When Clyde Shelton's wife and young daughter are brutally murdered, he expects justice will prevail and the caught killers will be sentenced to death row. Nick Rice is...

Tags: Gerard Butler - Jamie Foxx - Bruce McGill - Colm Meaney - Leslie Bibb - Michael Irby

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