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Magic Johnson Supports His Gay Son, But Why Should Anyone Be Surprised?

by Victoria Pavlova | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 3rd April 2013

So Magic Johnson’s son is gay and the media might care, but Magic sure doesn’t. The basketball veteran stands firmly behind his son in every way. 20-year-old Earvin Johnson recently came out to the media...

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Kobe Bryant Full Of Praise For Magic Johnson's Support Of His Gay Son

by Contributor | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 3rd April 2013

Coming out as gay should not be an issue, but in far too many mainstream sports there is still the sense of taboo about the subject, an utter shame and, really, completely nonsensical in the...

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Jerry Buss Dies Aged 80: The Man Who Made The L.A Lakers 'Hollywood'

by Michael West | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 18th February 2013

Jerry Buss, the long-time owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, has died aged 80. The self-made millionaire made his fortune in real estate and bought the legendary west-coast NBA outfit in 1979, charting the team's...

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The Bryants Reconcile After A Year Of Divorce Proceedings

by Victoria Pavlova | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 12th January 2013

Divorces are a frequent occurrence among the rich and famous in California, but calling off a divorce only happens once in a blue moon, and that is exactly what basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and wife...

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