King Creosote Music Videos and Trailers

King Creosote, Coast On By

Synopsis - Coast On By video from King CreosoteCoast On By is the new single from King Creosote released on 27th April through Domino Records, this is the first single from his...

King Creosote, You've No Clue Do You Audio

Synopsis - King Creosote You've No Clue Do You Audio Check out these King Creosote audio streams for, You've No Clue Do You and an Atlantic Conveyor's mix too. Poised to launch...

King Creosote, 678,

Synopsis - King Creosote678VideoIn 1995 Kenny Anderson, then lead singer/songwriter for the Scottish bands Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra and Khartoum Heroes, launched his own label Fence with his own solo project King Creosote....


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