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I'm so proud of Kenny... I went to junior high (westlane) and highschool (north central) with him, and although i graduated in his brother kevin's class, along with daryl simmons (1975). I played with him a few times along with tarnished silver, watched him star in junior spec, taking over manchild, then went on to college regretting not following the music.He always showed talent and enthusiasm to back up his natural talent. I'm pretty successful now (MBA/CPA), but still jam on the guitar in my basement in chicago. A lot of folks don't know he's really just a real good left handed guitar player who learned in front of folks at north central's student center on an acoustic. Always knew he would make it. Hey, kenny, if you're in chicago sometime, look me up. You can find me in the nc yearbook (1975).Farland Jenkins

8 years 2 months ago
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Hi,I just wanna say that Babyface is the greatest artist I ever listened to,by the way he is my favourite.I have all of his releases including THE DEAL.I have so many questions for him and so many requests.First of all I would like to know if there is any chance that we can see Babyface on stage in South Africa,beleive me that will be the highlight of my life.What I also would like to know is,the woman who is used in the song Everytime I close my eyes and in And our feelings,are they the same person or different people cos I know for sure the one in And our feelings,is his wife and friends of mine say that they are the same person,but for me they look different from one another,could you please tell me who it is.Keep up the good music.Regards.

8 years 11 months ago
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