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Set Fire To The Stars

Video | 14th October 2014

New York - the 1950s. A young and aspiring American poet, John Malcolm Brinnin (Elijah Wood), takes it upon himself to wrangle his favourite poet and bring him back for a performance in the United...

Tags: Elijah Wood - Kelly Reilly - Steven Mackintosh - Shirley Henderson - Steve Speirs - Richard Brake

Chinese Puzzle

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 20th June 2014

French filmmaker Cedric Klapisch keeps the tone light and the serious themes just under the surface as he revisits the lively characters from The Spanish Apartment (2002) and Russian Dolls (2005). Despite its comical plotting,...

Tags: Romain Duris - Audrey Tautou - Cecile de France - Kelly Reilly - Sandrine Holt - Cedric Klapisch

Heaven Is For Real

Video | 3rd June 2014

Todd Burpo has a fulfilling career as a businessman, fire fighter and pastor in a caring small-town community. He also has a loving family in his wife Sonja and two children Colton and Cassie. Like...

Tags: Greg Kinnear - Kelly Reilly - Thomas Haden Church - Margo Martindale - Jacob Vargas - Rob Moran

Chinese Puzzle

Video | 21st May 2014

Xavier Rousseau is heartbroken when his British wife Wendy leaves him for a man she met in New York and takes their two children with her. Determined to maintain contact with his kids, he flies...

Tags: Romain Duris - Audrey Tautou - Cecile de France - Kelly Reilly - Sandrine Holt - Benoit Jacquot

Turns Out 'Heaven Is Real' - Real Bad. Critics Slate Greg Kinnear Drama

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 16th April 2014

It’s always a risk, taking a New York Times bestseller and adapting it for the silver screen. Heaven Is Real documents the near-death experience of a small child, who then recounts with startling detail seeing...

Tags: Greg Kinnear - Kelly Reilly

For Brendan Gleeson, His Role in 'Calvary' Was Mental Grind

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 12th April 2014

Brendan Gleeson has admitted that he found it difficult to switch between normal life and the harrowed, good natures priest he portrays in the critically acclaimed Calvary.Brendan Gleeson and Kelly Rielly star in 'Calvary'A good...

Tags: Brendan Gleeson - Kelly Reilly

Is Brendan Gleeson's 'Calvary' The Best Movie of 2014?

by Michael West | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 11th April 2014

John Michael McDonagh's Calvary is an early contender for best independent movie of the year, while Brendan Gleeson's lead performance as a good priest facing a death threat is perhaps unrivalled as the year's finest.Brendan...

Tags: Brendan Gleeson - Chris O'Dowd - Kelly Reilly


by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 11th April 2014

After the 2011 black comedy The Guard, Brendan Gleeson reteams with writer-director John Michael McDonagh for a darker comical drama grappling with issues of faith and forgiveness. McDonagh's usual jagged dialogue and snappy characters are...

Tags: Brendan Gleeson - Chris O'Dowd - Kelly Reilly - Aidan Gillen - Dylan Moran - Isaach De Bankole

Calvary Reviews: Michael McDonagh's Film About A 'Good Priest' Impresses The Critics

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 10th April 2014

Michael McDonagh wrote ‘Calvary’ while filming ‘The Guard’ with Brendan Gleeson towards the end of 2009. Almost five years later, the black Irish comedy is hitting cinemas in the U.K, and ahead of that release,...

Tags: Brendan Gleeson - John Michael McDonagh - Kelly Reilly

New Dark Comedy 'Calvary' Features A Stellar Irish Cast [Trailer + Pictures]

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 12th December 2013

The trailer for dark Irish drama Calvary (with black comedy twists) has hit the net, giving us a better look at John Michael McDonagh’s follow up to The Guard. Featuring an immensely talented cast, weaved...

Tags: Brendan Gleeson - Chris O'Dowd - Dylan Moran - Kelly Reilly - John Michael McDonagh


Video | 12th December 2013

Father James Lavelle is a good-natured priest whose life is thrown into confusion and disarray when an anonymous man tells him in confession that he will kill him in a week's time - the only...

Tags: Brendan Gleeson - Kelly Reilly - Domhnall Gleeson - Chris O'Dowd - Aidan Gillen - Marie-Josee Croze

'Flight' Expected To Take Off At UK Box Office This Weekend

by Joe Wilde | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 1st February 2013

Oscar hopeful Flight has it's long-awaited box office unveiling today (Feb 1) in the UK and if critical reception and US box office takings is enough to go by then Paramount shouldn't have too much...

Tags: Denzel Washington - Don Cheadle - John Goodman - Kelly Reilly - Bruce Greenwood


by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 1st February 2013

With another deeply committed performance, Washington brings badly needed complexity to what is otherwise a contrived, overstated drama about addiction. It helps that the film is directed by Zemeckis as a kind of companion piece...

Tags: Denzel Washington - Don Cheadle - Kelly Reilly - Bruce Greenwood - John Goodman - Melissa Leo

Robert Zemeckis' 'Flight' Premieres at the New York Film Festival

by Michael West | News | | 15th October 2012

Director Robert Zemeckis's newest live-action film, Flight took crowds and critics by storm at the New York Film Festival. Flight, starring Denzel Washington, closed out the festival on Sunday night. The film is already attracting...

Tags: Denzel Washington - Robert Zemeckis - John Goodman - Melissa Leo - Kelly Reilly


Video | 9th July 2012

When airplane pilot Whit makes an extraordinary landing following an engine failure which saves the lives of his passengers, he becomes a national hero mobbed by the press. It is only when he is introduced...

Tags: Denzel Washington - Don Cheadle - Kelly Reilly - John Goodman - Melissa Leo - James Badge Dale

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

Video | 25th July 2011

In 1892, the Crown Prince of Austria is found dead; his death is ruled as suicide, according to Scotland Yard detective Inspector Lestrade. But Sherlock Holmes knows that this isn't true: all the evidence suggests...

Tags: Robert Downey Jr - Jude Law - Noomi Rapace - Rachel McAdams - Jared Harris - Stephen Fry

Me and Orson Welles

Video | 16th November 2009

Watch the trailer for Me and Orson WellesSet in 1937 Me And Orson Welles centers around the life of Richard Samuels, an ambitious teenager with dreams of finding a career in theatre, when he meets...

Tags: Zac Efron - Christian McKay - Claire Danes - Ben Chaplin - Eddie Marsan - Zoe Kazan

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