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Kate Winslet is a great actress and was amazing in The Reader

1 year 10 months ago
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HelloMy comment is that I like Kate Winslet I liked her song What If which she released in 2001 it's the best song I like and Kate has a good voice for the songPlease add some pictures to the website of Kate Winslet because I want to see what she looks like make sure pictures are displayed in full and want to see her clothes of what she wears skirts dresses of Kate

7 years 11 months ago
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Kate Winslet is a poor actress...in Mildred Pierce she was totally wooden ..she should not have won the emmy...why reward people with no talent....

3 years 3 months ago
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Just wanted to let you know that you can now bid for Kate Winslet's D&G suit that she wore to the Golden Globes last year on the vinspired auction site! She donated her suit to vinspired, who have customised it and turned it into a dress and are now auctioning it off to raise money for AIDS charity, Body & Soul.Also, there are lots of other celeb items there, including Fearne Cotton's skirt and Alex Zane's T-shirt.Just visit their Ebay pageand start bidding (there are not many days left)! Posted on behalf of vinspired

5 years 10 months ago
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kate winslet_page

hello.i have to request to you give me your(kate winslet) email address.please do for me a favour please.

6 years 9 months ago
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