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Kasabian Biography

Kasabian (formed 1999)

Kasabian is an alternative rock band, originally from Leicester, England. The original line-up of the band consisted of Tom Meighan on vocals, Sergio Pizzorno on guitar and vocals, Chris Edwards on bass, Chris Karloff on keyboards and guitar and Ash Hannis on drums. Hannis left after the debut album was released. He was replaced by Ian Matthews. Chris Karloff was also asked to leave the band around this time. Jay Mehler was his replacement.

Kasabian: Formation & Early Years

The members of Kasabian met whilst they were attending Leysland High School and Countesthorpe Community College in Leicestershire.

The band's name comes from Linda Kasabian. She was the girl who drove the getaway car in the Charles Bronson Tate / LaBianca murders. The original name chosen for the band was Saracuse. It was with that name that the band started recording material at Leicester's Bedrock Studios.

The band's debut album was self-titled and was released in September 2004 on Arista Records. Kasabian's first two single releases, 'Processed Beats' and 'Reason is Treason' achieved moderate success. It was not until the release of 'Club Foot', though, that they achieved chart success. The track reached number 21 in the UK charts.

Kasabian: Success

Following a performance on the 'Other Stage' at Glastonbury 2005, Kasabian began writing and recording their second album. Empire was released in August 2006 and by the time of its release, the band had seen two lineup changes. The title track from the album was released as the lead single and reached number nine in the UK singles charts. The next two singles were 'Shoot The Runner' and 'Me Plus One'. In October 2006, Kasabian recorded Live From Abbey Road at the infamous London studios that became famous when The Beatles recorded there.

At the 2007, NME Awards, Kasabian won the award for Best Live Act. That same year, they played the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, as well as performing as part of the Live Earth event, at Wembley Stadium. When they played at Edinburgh's Hogmany party, Oasis' Noel Gallagher joined them on guitar for the last three songs.

For their third album, Kasabian noted that Pink Floyd and particularly Syd Barrett had influenced the sound of the recordings. It was during these recordings that Jay Mehler joined as a permanent member. The title for the album was announced as West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Dan the Automator, best known for his work with Gorillaz, was chosen to produce the album. The video for 'Vlad the Impaler' featured Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh as a vampire slayer.

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Kasabian Picture Gallery

sergio pizzorno of kasabian led zeppelin celebratio
sergio pizzorno of kasabian led zeppelin celebratio
serge pizzorno from kasabian uk film premiere of le
tom meighan of kasabian leeds festival 2012 held at
tom meighan of kasabian leeds festival 2012 held at

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Kasabian Festivals

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29th March 2014

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7th June 2014

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Klamusique's picture


Why would Kasabian feel the need to insult other artists, bands and soloists? If they feel Emo is influencing teens to become depressed, I think they are wrong. This is because people of any age,sex,race and/or so on....will gravitate towards music and topics that interest them and music they can relate towards and with....music is the universal expression of many emotions, feelings and events...etc, etc and so forth....and to deny that there is sadness, heartache, disaster and pain in our world and lives would be non-human. The irony that they are being extremely negative in criticizing other performers-- who obviously have a large fan base-- shows that Kasabian has what I consider the unappealing many-eyed monster of jealousy, lacking respect and professionalism. Sure, even the 'hating method' used in the media helps to involve Kasabian in being promoted and they may find some of the public may not enjoy the artists whom they slam, but this is setting the example of what appears a 'poor sport' or in this case, a poor example for a group of musicians --who are most likely intimidated by the popularity, success, talents and gifts of other dedicated, hard working music creators-- those diverse in genre and styles who honestly give more than 100% to their fans. I hope they mature, admit their comment is harsh, biased and see the entire picture by realizing that it is possible to not enjoy listening to other people's music, voices and songs without insulting them personally and appreciate instead the intensely hard work that went into the creative process. The kind positive thing would be to apologize to everyone they insulted and show some maturity and class. Hopefully, this is a rumor and not truely what they believe and if not then they may continue with their evidentially bloated egos and irrate irrational and superficial ideals that claim others have no right to be shown the respect they deserve especially in such a difficult industry as the music one.

7 years 6 months ago
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Bodini's picture


This is a joke!! Kasabian is no different than the people they are supposed to be slamming. If they really are. It very well could be just some PR hype to get more publicicty. It is all a joke and the public falls for it hook, line and sinker!! If Kasabian were real musicians, they wouldn't really care about Timberlake or the Stones. It sounds more and more as they are the next generation Timberlakes, Stones, Boy Georges, George Michaels,etal!! Just another product of some "AD MAN'S" wet dream!!

7 years 7 months ago
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suenic's picture


just like to say that i,m a 47 year mother of 4,and i love your latest album(empire)my son is in a group called SOLWAY i hope this year they will get noticed.they all went to see you,s at the newcastle arena and said how brill you,s were,and tom said always keep on going with your band as something might come along.it really meant something to my son(jamie) and his band to hear that.it gives them hope.they are on myspace.com/solway if you want to listen to them.i hope to see you,s playing one day.maybe solway as your support group.hee hee.love sue nic

7 years 3 months ago
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Denis H's picture

Denis H

I live in Denver, Colorado. I've never heard of Kasabian. Having read what they said about the Rolling Stones, I don't think I want to. They couldn't carry the RS jock strap. They ought to thank the RS every day for pioneering into Rock and Roll. I'll bet in 20 years the stations will still be playing RS music and not Kasabians.

7 years 7 months ago
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p1150's picture


They are quick to criticize other bands, well here's my opinion of Kasabian...You need to finish the signing lesson you obviously walked away from years ago. You dissed a band that long time ago set the tone for Rock-n-roll bands everywhere. Obviously you missed that part of the training.......

7 years 7 months ago
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